31 January 2009

Canton First Monday Trade Days - Part 2

The Booty

Raymond's latest masterpiece

The junky stuff I like!

Wow. My feet are sore. We must have walked 6-7 miles today. Renting a scooter might have been a good idea!................NOT! No, seriously....we had great weather, great exercise, and great deals on our trek to Canton First Monday Trade Days. A few odd things I observed:
1) a dressed dog in a baby stroller.
2) people eating plates of spiraled french fries at 9 AM.
3) animal print and rhinestones on just about everything
4) booths named Funky Junk, Dressin' Gaudy, Eclectic Sisters, and Hippy Chics
5) camouflage nightgowns for women

We had a great time. We spent about 6 hours on the grounds and hit just about every row of shops. I visited with Raymond Sanchez, the license plate artist mentioned in a previous post for a little while about some of his new ideas. He's got some big plans up his sleeve....I'll keep you posted. Check out his U.S. license plate map above......awesome! and SOLD!

As for our booty from the trip :
1) handle for my jalapeno pepper roaster
2) some old print blocks - letter "m" and a Texas flag block
3) old typing book - for future collages
4) Dover books - Cathedrals and Japanese Motifs
5) old door panels - to make signs with
6) flying pig made out of scrap metal - gift....shhhhhhh
7) jewelry, flowers, canisters, and some tasty dips ( my wife's purchases )

Great trip.......can't wait until we go again.


  1. i like the license plate map, i feel like i went to canton, i just walked like three miles, chaff city

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