30 July 2010

I Added Color!

Happy Hills

Bland Hills

This 20 x 20 painting has just been in the studio staring at me for months...it was crying out!! Today I gave it what it wanted....a little life!  It is now happy with me.  My rule is...until it's signed, it's not finished!  I still haven't signed or titled it yet!

28 July 2010

Rio Grande Hotel Sign Complete!

It's amazing what I can accomplish when I make the time for it!  I buckled down yesterday and knocked this sucker out.  The painting is acrylic on a 15 x 30 canvas.  All I have left to do is varnish it and put a poplar wood border around it.....and of course name it - that takes me a while sometimes. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  I had been wanting to do a sign with Rio Grande on it for a while.  Now my slate is clean.....I'm thinking some sort of collage painting may be next on the agenda.

27 July 2010

Estate Sale Finds 7-22

Matchbooks baby!

My favorite matchbook I got - Look familiar??

The haul from 7-22

Finally I had a chance to hit some estate sales over the past few weeks!  I was about to go through withdrawal.  They don't call me the Junky Trinket for nothing!  I love to hit the sales on Thursdays and find the goods.  I picked up around 400 matchbooks from all over the southwest last week.  Tons of Las Vegas ones and a lot from Dallas as well.  The Alamo Plaza one is my fave!  On my last adventure I picked up some great finds.  1950's Bingo cards and other games - $1 each - great for collage.  1950's Texas license plates - $3 each -steal!! 1960's Texas maps .25 each - always pick up the maps. Perspective Drawing book - $1 - my second one of those. Old Pepsi bottle crate - $3 - what a deal! 1940's ticket stub for war event at Cotton Bowl - free!- it was in an old scrapbook and she said to just take it. 1960's Coors Beer drinking glass - .25 - for my bro.  Not too bad of a haul!!  I did run into some trouble when a man running a sale changed the price on a sign  from .10 a piece for old postcards to $6.00 a piece...needless to say I let him know he was out of bounds.....I told him to call me when he realized his error.

24 July 2010

Rio Grande Sign Update #2

Getting closer.  Still a lot of detail work to go! 

22 July 2010

Old 97's - 4 song EP - Mimeograph

Old 97's released a new EP in early July.  I just got around to downloading it....I know, I'm losing my status as their #1 fan.  The title is Mimeograph and includes the following 4 cover songs:

Rocks Off - The Rolling Stones
For The Girl - The Fratellis
Driver 8 - REM
Five Years - David Bowie

This is a very solid EP. Old 97's take on thes songs are great! It's only like $3 so download it now right here

20 July 2010

Rio Grande Hotel Sign Update

I was able to get a little work done on my new painting last week.  I have basically blocked in the backgrounds.  Now I will begin the lettering details and all of the neon tubing.  I will also add in all of the scratches, stains, and rust to finish it off.  Hopefully progress will be made in the upcoming week!

15 July 2010

Buried Treasure 2010 - Frisco Water Tower Painting Update

"Her Sleepy Town" - 20 x 20
Mixed media - maps, train schedules, and acrylic paint

This is my entry for the 2010 Buried Treasure post. It was originally posted in August of 2009.  We were asked to repost one of our favorite posts from the last year.  This project is the brain child of Seth Apter over at The Altered Page blog.  Make sure and stop by his blog for tons of favorite posts by some great bloggers!

Going back to work this week has really cramped my blogging style. Here is the new painting as of Friday evening. All it needs is a few small touch ups, some weathering, and a varnish coat. By the way all is right in my world as of today......Texas high school football has officially begun. Go out and support your local teams!

13 July 2010

Kelly Willis at Gruene Hall

Wow! They painted Gruene Hall - Is there any better place to be on a Friday night in Texas?? No!

Setlist - signed and all!

Me and Kelly - My wife smudged the lens to try and sabotage the pic!
Sorry Kelly!

Last Friday night was about as good as it gets for me in my little music world.  Carrie and I were able to see my all time favorite female singer - Kelly Willis play at Gruene Hall.  I've been a diehard Kelly Willis fan since 1993 or so.  I have all of her albums and I bet I've seen her play 15+ times in my life.  It had been about 8 years since we had last seen KW play, so this was a treat!  Her show was awesome and she hasn't missed a beat since the early 90's.  After the show I got her to sign the setlist I got, and I was also able to get a picture with her.  Kelly is always very laid back and friendly with her fans....which is cool. She managed to play a great mix of old and new stuff and plenty off of my favorite KW albums - What I Deserve , Kelly Willis, and Well Traveled Love. I'm biased I know but Kelly has the BEST voice around.  Make sure and check out her albums when you get a chance.  One thing Kelly has going for her is that her husband is Bruce Robison.  He's one of the best singer/songwriters in the business today.  Below is a video from Friday of Kelly singing  a Bruce Robison song -"Wrapped" maybe you've heard of it......we were listening to this song back in the late 90's....way before George did it.

11 July 2010

Ryan Bingham at Whitewater Sports - Ain't No Concert For The Weary Kind!

No, those aren't my hands.

My wife and I celebrated America's birthday with the tunes of Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses at Whitewater Sports in Sattler, Texas.  Whitewater Sports holds a special place in my heart because I worked there for two summers back in college.  I patched tubes, patched canoes, took parking money, drove tube shuttles, guided raft trips, picked up trash, cleaned toilets, helped drunk tubers out of their rafts at the end of their trips.....fun times.....no really... FUN times!  But even after all those great memories of WWS, I have to say my favorite WWS memory was last weekend at the Ryan Bingham show.  I've seen RB twice and was blown away both times.  This show took the cake.  The show was sold out and the crowd was nuts, I mean bananas....just like I like it.  He opened the show with Day Is Done and closed with Bread & Water during the encore.  We had crowd surfing, flashers, a dude that got goat roped by a Comal County Sheriff 5 feet from us, and a friend of RB dance on stage in his undies.....now how can you beat that?  Oh yeah, Bingham tore it up!  Even had some fireworks in the background....what a scene!  If you are not on board yet, then get on board.  Go buy his albums Mescalito and Roadhouse Sun and then go see RB live.  What a great night and one of the best shows that I've ever seen.

The undie dancer...hilarious!

02 July 2010

Early Birthday Gift - Dolan Geiman panel painting

My sister-in-law bought me an original painting!  She picked it up in Colorado and she said she thought it looked like my style.  She was right!  It's a Dolan Geiman  motor bike panel painting.  She didn't even know that I was a big fan of his or that we had met him a few months ago.  Pretty cool coincidence!  Thanks Leigh and Eric!


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