29 September 2010

Digital Art Collage - QSL cards

Julia Trigg's Alphabet from QSL cards

I discovered Tulia Trigg's work a few weeks ago on Junkculture. Which if you don't follow, YOU SHOULD!  I was really impressed with her work and I loved the fact that she uses old paper like I do in her collages.  The ones that really caught my attention were the collages made of QSL radio cards.  I'm a sucker for cool fonts, text, and old type.  I love it!  When I read up a little more on Julia, I found out that she only scans or photographs her old paper ephemera as not to destroy the originals.  All her work was digital.  What?  I have some old QSL radio cards from the 30's and 40's stashed away as well....because I just do...I collect stuff.   I still think I like gluing and painting my collages down the old school way. I want to try and incorporate more of these cards into the backgrounds of my paintings or collages.

27 September 2010

'Hole In My Wall" - Mixed Media - Lakewood Landing

Hole In My Wall

Here is a picture of my new painting Hole In My Wall.  It's 20 x 20 on gallery wrapped canvas.  The background is an old 1960's Dallas street map.  It will be one of my pieces that will be on display at the VAGF's Discovery Member Show at the Frisco Discovery Center.

23 September 2010

Frisco Art - "Her Sleepy Town" - Giclee Prints

Her Sleepy Town - 11.5 x 11.5 giclee in an IKEA frame

I have been getting a lot of good feedback over the last year on my mixed media painting - Her Sleepy Town.  It was piece that I did for the 2009 Art in the Atrium show in the Frisco City Hall and Library complex.  I was kind of hoping that the city would purchase it for their permanent collection....but I never heard anything from them.  I guess having it displayed on the Frisco Discovery Center makes up for it.  A few weeks ago I decided to have some giclee prints run.  They turned out great!  I purposely sized them to fit perfectly in a large 20 x 20 IKEA Ribba frame.  I'll put them in the Etsy shop in the coming days.  Maybe some locals might like a little inexpensive piece of Frisco inspired art!

20 September 2010

Frisco Discovery Center - My Painting On The Panel Display!

Outside view of panels on Frisco Discovery Center

Close up of panel - look closely

Her Sleepy Town

I found out Friday night that my painting, "Her Sleepy Town" was selected to be part of a collage of local artwork that is on permanent display at the brand new Frisco Discovery Center.  I'm very excited about this opportunity!  The Frisco Discovery Center is a multi-use facility that includes a children's interactive science museum, a black box theater, and an art gallery.  They are having a grand opening art show on October 2nd where 100's of artists will have booths set up in the back warehouse.  If you are in town, you should stop by!

16 September 2010

Inspirational Studio Spaces

My computer workspace
After posting a studio shot last Saturday I got to thinking about some of the studios that inspire me.  Let's start with Dolan Geiman's space. Wow!  Now that is awesome!  There is also another blog that focuses on artist's work spaces.  They haven't updated their site in a while but there is plenty of old stuff to keep you occupied. It's called On My Desk.  I think after checking these sites out you will really get inspired!

11 September 2010

Studio Saturday Revived

Junky Trinkets Headquarters

I haven't done a Studio Saturday post in well over a year.  Some of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. So here's a brief rundown: when I started blogging I used to do a weekly post on Saturdays to keep everyone up to speed with what was going on the studio/collectibles room. Clutter is usually what is going on!  I know how much I love seeing other artist's workspaces on blogs and so forth...so I thought I'd post a current pic of the recently cleaned studio.  This is where it all goes down in the world of Junky Trinkets.  Older pics here.

10 September 2010

Lakewood Landing - New Project

Here is a new piece I started yesterday.  I'm using the same techniques I used for Sweet Home 11. I took one of my photos, cropped it, filtered in in Photoshop, and drew in on a 1960's street map of Dallas.  I'm going to glue it down to a 20 x 20 canvas and paint it with acrylics and oil pastels. The Lakewood Landing is my brother's favorite hangout down in Dallas.  It's a pretty cool place.  I hope to finish this one over the weekend.

06 September 2010

"Sweet Home 11" - Texan Motel Sign Painting Complete

Sweet Home 11 - 20 x 20 - acrylic on old map

I finished up my newest painting yesterday.  It is a black painting of the Texan Motel sign in Raton, New Mexico. It is from a photograph I took this summer on our way back to Texas from Colorado.  I painted it on a 1960's Texas road map.  The title of the painting is "Sweet Home 11".  This is a Texas town and highway mile number that I didn't paint over on the center post of the sign.  Sometimes the ideas for titles of my paintings just pop out at me. Once I saw that on the post, I knew I couldn't paint over it and that it would be the title of the painting.  The painting measures 20 x 20 and is on gallery wrapped canvas with a 1.5" edge.  I'm planning on doing a few more pieces in this style with some of my sign pictures that I have taken.

01 September 2010

Texan Motel Sign - Raton, New Mexico - Mixed Media - In Progess

Here is my latest piece in progress.  It is 20 x 20.  I'll post the finished product in a few days.  I'm digging it so far!


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