31 March 2010

Style Station - Holga

I got my developed Holga prints back today! I'll post a few here and there in the upcoming days. Some of them turned out great and some not so good. I'm still a rookie at this and I'm still learning some things about the Holga through trial and error. Above are some images of the Style Station north of Waco. One of my favorite little places along I-35. They have some sweet threads!

25 March 2010

Acuff Steaks - Acuff, Texas

Cool sign!
Chicken fry! -plate one
High tech menu!

Last Friday while we were in Lubbock we took my uncle out to eat at the place of his choice. It was his birthday and he was kind enough to take us in for a few days. The destination - Acuff Steakhouse, which is about 10 miles east of Lubbock and south of Idalou (where I lived when I was 1). My uncle first ate there as a kid back in 1968 after one of my dad's football games at Tech...I believe the UT game...Tech won by the way. Anyway, this place from the outside looks like a complete dive. It pretty much is. The food on the other hand, was awesome. We went on all you can eat catfish and chicken fried steak night. Oh mama! I had 3 plates. The banana pudding for dessert was about the best I've ever had. So if you are ever on the east side of Lubbock, just drive east on 4th street until you get to Acuff, Texas then loosen your belt a few notches and get to work. Don't be scared by the rusted sign, cracked adobe walls, and pot holes. Thanks for the tip Mike!

24 March 2010

El Capitan - Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Here are a couple of shots I took of El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The clouds and sunlight were great at the time of these shots.

22 March 2010

Santa Fe Railroad Car - Carlsbad, New Mexico

Here are two of my favorite pictures from the trip. I have a thing for trains and Santa Fe....if you didn't know that already. I took some of this with the Holga too. I mailed off 5 rolls of 120 film to Dwayne's Photo today. When they get back, I got a feeling that I'll have some new favorites!

21 March 2010

Spring Break in New Mexico - Neon Signs

North Y in Carlsbad, NM

China Lantern Carlsbad, NM

Cortez, Carlsbad, NM

The Cavern Theater Carlsbad, NM

Alpine Lodge Ruidoso, NM - Yes, that is the snow on the mountain in the background

Here are a few photos of some cool signs I found on my trip to eastern New Mexico. I shot four rolls of 120 film with the Holga. They will be mailed off tomorrow to get developed. I can't wait to get those back!!

12 March 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Guadalupe Mountains

El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak

Here is one of my destinations for next week, the Guadalupe Mountains. Guadalupe Peak is the highest peak in Texas at 8,751 ft. My goal is to get some cool Holga pics like this. I've got 4 rolls of 120 film I want to shoot for the week. I will make sure that my Holga is set to the correct setting this time so that I don't get any of these blurry images. I'll be sure and post the pictures after I get them developed. Have a good one!

10 March 2010

Wednesday Ramblings - Watercolor Desert Scene / Canvas Wood Frame Edges / Maynard Dixon

5 x 5 - 5 minute watercolor

New Sky

New Frames

Not too much to say today, but here is what has gone on in the last couple of days:

1) Tried out a new framing system on the canvas: 2" poplar wood strips nailed down along canvas edges. I may use it on some future stuff, but not everything. It does give the canvas a nice cleaned up look. Got the tip from Jerry Brem.

2) Repainted my sky on the Alamo Plaza Motel sign. It looks better....but I still may mess with the sky some more.

3) Watched an outstanding documentary on Maynard Dixon. It was awesome...very inspiring!

4) Went in for LASIK consultation today....may get the procedure done in a few weeks. Will I lose that artsy edge I have with my cool hip glasses???

08 March 2010

Frisco Art in the Square Festival

Jerry Brem's abstract painting and flies.

Gregory Arth's tree paintings

This last weekend I volunteered to work the first annual Art in the Square show in Frisco, Texas. I was able to meet some very talented artists and pick their brains about techniques and art shows. It was very informative for me. It rained all day Sunday which was not good....the turnout was pretty low. Saturday had beautiful weather and the crowds were pretty good. Here are some of my favorite artists that I met yesterday:

Chris Smith - Republic of Texas maps....so cool!
Lorie Leigh Lawrence - Great photographer - subject matter is right down my alley!
Anne Heinrichs - Mixed media - great backgrounds for her paintings!
Mary Fischer - Very nice clay pieces
Gregory Arth - Great tree paintings! Make sure and check out his circuit board artwork.
Jerry Brem - Super nice guy and very talented! His stuff is probably my favorite of the show. Join his fan page on Facebook!

05 March 2010

Blog Layout Experiments

The past few days I've been researching some new layouts and banners for Junky Trinkets. If you are a consistent reader then depending on when you tune in, you may get a different look. In the coming months I'm going to visit with a web page designer and we are going trick this blog out....or at least try to. I switched the banner today and I think I'm digging it. I also discovered the new tabs option on Blogger. I may utilize this as well. Let me know what you think.

02 March 2010

Texas Independence Day

Here is my Texas Independence Day drawing. Pigma Microns and Sharpie.

Holga Photos in a Show

As a member of the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, we are able to participate in a couple of member show throughout the year. They usually limit us to 2 pieces so that we can have multiple people participate. For this spring show, I decided to put in a few of my Holga photos instead of my paintings....you know, to show some diversity....or maybe just because I don't have any new paintings ready. I went to the thrift store on Saturday morning and picked up this nice 14 x 14 square frame with a 6 inch opening in the mat. It was perfect! I went home and painted it black and strung up a wire on the back. I think it looks pretty good for $7. That's low overhead. The show will have an opening reception from 6-8 on Saturday, March 6th at the Frisco Arts Center on Main St. I won't be able to make that night, but stop by and check out the show if you get a chance. The gallery will be open starting at noon.
PS. Happy Texas Independence Day!!!!!

01 March 2010

Shiner Black Ice Cream Float

Carrie was reading Southern Living this weekend and she raises up and says, "Hey Jeb, did you see this recipe for a beer float?" "Don't we have one Shiner Black left in the fridge? that's what it calls for." My wife is always looking out for things that she knows I'd find intriguing. So on Saturday night I gave it a try. Not a real hard recipe combo here. All you do is take a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream and a Shiner Black. The result: a Beer Float. The verdict: Yuck. Not my thing. Not to discourage you from trying one.....you may like it. I'm not a big root beer or Coke float guy anyway.


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