16 January 2009

Friday Favorites - My Cooler

One of my favorite things is my Coleman Cooler. I got this cooler a few years ago for my birthday. I then began to add stickers to the sides. I try to add only stickers of things that have a personal meaning to me. I try and make a point to get stickers from any trip or vacation I take. I also try and pick up decals from concerts, restaurants, etc. Over the last few years I have done a pretty good job of filling up the cooler. I've still got some empty spaces here and there just waiting for the right decal.


  1. where is the double t?

  2. email me your address.. I have a sticker for you!

  3. Thanks Allison! The stickers you sent are really cool! I'll add them to the cooler.

  4. The YETI Tank isn't your common ice container. It's heavily clad to hold the cold until long after the gathering is finished. Ideal for that lawn grill, g YETI Roadie 20 Cooler


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