10 January 2009

Studio Saturday - Half Price Books Warehouse

OK, call me crazy, but I stood in line this morning for 45 minutes in the 30 degree weather with the wind blowing 25 mph to get some free books. I wasn't the only one. Every Saturday morning from 9-2 , the Dallas Half Price Books Distribution Warehouse opens its doors to teachers and lets them take whatever they want for free. They give everyone some boxes and open the doors! Most of the people are looking for children's books, which they have 1000's of. Everything is neatly organized. Every subject is clearly labeled and easy to find. I've been doing this for years. I usually go a few times a year. I usually have two goals in mind......#1 get some books for my classes (art, reference materials for collages, cool images etc.) #2 get some cool books for me, to add to my library of random knowledge.

Here is a small sample of some books I picked up today:

Beer Pocket Guide - Turn the dial to find the best beers with each type of food.
Ben Hogan - Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf....I got a bad slice....help me Ben!
Back Then - A pictorial history of America's National Parks
Backroads of Texas - a book highlighting 100's of side trips throughout our great state.
Gae Aulenti - a colorful pictorial book on one of the best contemporary architects today.
Some older Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers game programs........EBAY possibilities????

For my classes I picked up 30-40 art related books and some old math, foreign language, science, and reference books with great images and text...these are great for collages!
Let me know if anyone wants to head down there again......I'm always up for it. Free books are great! You never know what you can find.

PS They also have hundreds of National Geographic magazines and cassette tapes from all your favorite 80's bands.


  1. did you get any tapes? how about rap's greatest hits?

  2. Backroads of Texas is a must own. I need to check that out...

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