26 January 2009

Marfa Monday - Marfa Mystery Lights

When I used to teach Texas History to 7th graders a few years back, I would always discuss the Mystery Lights of Marfa during our Mountains and Basins unit. The kids loved it! Most had never heard of them and it really seemed to interest them. The whole mystery aspect is very appealing to 7th graders. The last time I went out to Marfa I made sure to make 2 trips out to the viewing area. It's so cool! There is a real nice viewing area set up on Highway 90 between Marfa and Alpine. You basically show up around sunset and look out at the horizon towards the south....and wait....and wait. Most people think that they see the lights....but they are car lights from highway 67. You can tell that they are car lights because they follow the same pattern....every time! Also, ranchers had reported seeing these lights before cars were invented. It's hilarious to see the tourist ooohing and aaahing over the car lights. If you are lucky enough....you will see the real thing. Which I think I did. I saw something out there around 11 PM. There were only a few of us there because it was late and it was cold!.....but we saw a flash of lights stretch out along the horizon....and we all kind of looked at each other in disbelief. This is an absolute must when you visit! It is really neat. Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't. To read more about them....check out the link above.


  1. Anonymous1/26/2009

    I really loved that you posted the process of the Bird Mixed Media piece. The center transfer really looks terrific...how on earth did you get the papers to lie so nice and flat?

  2. I need to know more about this...


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