07 September 2012

Viva Big Bend

Humble Oil sign at Railroad Blues in Alpine

El Cosmico - Marfa, Texas

Downtown Marfa

Thunderbird Motel - Marfa, Texas

Cobra Rock Boot Co. - Marfa, Texas

Here is a link to my post on my trip to Marfa!

21 June 2012

The Republic of Texas Print - Old Try Blog

I was thrilled to see that the picture I submitted of the Republic of Texas print I bought from Old Try made their blog. They were even nice enough to put in a few nice words for me.  If you are Southern, then you will love their stuff!!! Affordable letter press prints.  So cool.  Here is the blog entry .

22 May 2012

Trading Places

Today I took down "Alamo Plaza" from Frisco City Hall.  The good news is that the Art In the Atrium show is not over yet.  I actually sold it and and needed to get it off the wall before the buyer moves out of town.  I replaced it with my new water tower painting "Hometown"  The Art In the Atrium show runs through August.  So if you are in the Frisco area, stop by and check it out.  It is on the first floor near the library entrance.

17 May 2012

New Book - The Collage Workbook - Randel Plowman


"Storm" in the book!

 One of my favorite artists - Randel Plowman has a new book out! I got my copy in the mail yesterday. He is a collage artist that some of you may be familiar with.  He is the man behind A Collage A Day.  For a long while Randel would post a new collage piece every day and sell them for $25.  They became very popular and would usually sell quickly after they were posted.  I've been following Randel for a few years now and I've always been blown away by these small collage creations. His new book - The Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired is so cool!  He shows all the supplies that he uses, techniques, and he even shares some images that can used.  I've got many different art books at home and this one is already my favorite!  The graphics are awesome!  One thing that I thought was really cool was that he actually uses one of his collages that I own in the book!  It is titled "Storm" and it is on page 98.  How cool is that?  If you like mixed media and collage go order this book now, you will not be disappointed!

11 May 2012

08 May 2012

Water Tower Progress Picture

I added some color and multiple layers of glazed color.  This piece still has a way to go, but we are getting there!

07 May 2012

Tumbleweed TexStyles New Blog

Most of you know that I started up a t-shirt company with a co-worker of mine back in September.  Most all of the designs are hand drawn by me and they usually have a Texas theme. We have really had a blast designing, promoting, and selling these t-shirts.  We have just started a blog as another avenue to get the word out about our new products and also to highlight things we like.  We will have lots of Texana goodness on the new blog.  I would love for y'all to jump on board and follow us!  
Here is the link - Tumbleweed TexStyles   Thanks!!

01 May 2012

New Water Tower Mixed Media In Progress

I started a new piece this morning.  Here is where I am at.

27 April 2012

"Lone Star Gusher" finds a home in Fort Worth

I thought I would share this picture of where my mixed media piece "Lone Star Gusher" ended up.  I had visited the owners in this loft condo in Fort Worth before I started the piece to get direction for the theme and color combos they were wanting. It was created to be a compliment to the other artwork on the left wall.  The clients sent me this image to show me how it turned out once it was framed up to match the other piece.  I'm really glad they did!  I love to see where my artwork ends up....really cool.

15 April 2012

New Art Purchase!

Two weeks ago at the Frisco Square - Arts In The Square art show we picked up this really cool painting.  It is an oil painting of a prickly pear cactus.  It measures 10 x 14.  The painting is by a young artist named Erika Huddleston.  We fell in love with her stuff and couldn't leave without adding to our collection.  Make sure and check out her website.  We also bought a few other pieces this weekend from another local artist named Walter Kane.  I'll post those pictures upon their arrival.

09 March 2012

"Lone Star Gusher" - New Commission Finished

Lone Star Gusher - 24 x 40

I finally finished this one up and delivered it to its home in Fort Worth, Texas.  This was a fun piece to work on and the largest collage painting I have ever done.

22 February 2012

Texowa Designs

 Iowa Flag

RAGBRAI Tour Subway Sign

Here is a little bit of new information for y'all that I am thrilled to announce.  I have partnered up with a good friend Cory, to form a new little business called Texowa Designs.  I've been wanting to branch out into some home decor stuff for a few years now, but I just never seemed to have enough time to put it all together.  Cory is from Iowa and he mentioned wanting to move away from his concert poster gig to do some more stuff for the home and office.  It was the perfect match at the perfect time.  We are starting out with some of the stuff that we know best : Texas, Iowa, music, beer, and history.  To keep up with all this "Texowa Goodness" Look for us here:
Check out our Etsy shop
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter

06 February 2012

Artwork and T-shirts in Gruene, Texas!

I am so thrilled to announce that my artwork and my t-shirts will both be for sale at the brand new Gruene Trading Company! I am from New Braunfels, Texas so this is really a treat for me. The Gruene Trading Company is located next door to my all time favorite Texas spot - Gruene Hall.  I will have my Holga prints, acrylic transfers, and some larger Holga prints on canvas available.  I will also have my t-shirts that I designed for sale in the store as well.  The store is set to open in the coming weeks.  If you head down to Gruene make sure and check out this great new store!

20 January 2012

Texas Rivers Tumbleweed T-shirt Design

Above is my new t-shirt design.  I was drawing a tumbleweed and realized I could make it take the shape of Texas and use the Texas rivers as branches.  I actually drew this while I was sitting in a gym waiting for my son's basketball game to start. The shirts come in two colors and I've got them for sale in my shop.  On a side note, I should have that commission piece ready to roll soon.  I'll post a progress picture in a few days.

17 January 2012

Update on Commission

 24" x 40" on handmade cradled board

I put down a few coats of paint and laid in some acrylic transfers of some text and an oil well.  My next steps will consist of adding some color and maybe some stars.  I'm really pleased with how this is shaping up.  I hope to be finished with this one in the next week or so.

06 January 2012

New commission piece underway!

 Full view - 24 x 40

close up

Here is a first look at a commission piece that I got started on this week.  It measures 24" x 40" and is on a cradled board that I made myself.  I started with a background of vintage Texas ephemera.  The client suggested a few specific colors and an oil well in the center, other than that,  it's free game.  I'm super excited about this one.  It is also the largest piece I've ever done.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.


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