05 January 2009

Marfa Monday - Hotel Paisano

The famous Hotel Paisano in downtown Marfa. When we were there a couple of years ago, we had the pleasure of staying there for a couple of nights. The rooms were really small, but they were real nice. We were lucky enough to get one of the rooms that had it's own private balcony with chairs and tables (as seen in the picture above). I guess when you reserve your room 6 months in advance....you get the hook up. They also keep track of all of their reservations by hand in a huge book! No computers! So when you call to make reservations, they actually hand write it in the ledger. The Hotel Paisano is best known for hosting the cast of the movie Giant back in the 1956. Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean all stayed there during the filming. Ask a worker at the hotel to show you each of their rooms....it's pretty cool. It's a must see when you are in town. The lobby is decked out with a cool western decor.

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