30 April 2009

Thursday Throwbacks - Red Masonry Star

Here is a red masonry star that I did about 5 years ago. It is on 24" x 24" canvas. It was one of my very first attempts at acrylic on canvas. We still have it hanging up in the house. It has a partner as well.....that would be the green masonry star. I'll post it at a later time.

29 April 2009

Gruene Hall - Schmap Picture Selection

I received an e-mail this morning informing me that one of my photos has been selected for a short list for a Schmap online San Antonio guide. Schmap is a combination of maps, pictures, and reviews of places all over the world. Above is the picture of Gruene Hall that was selected. I took it on Thanksgiving morning 2008. It is definitely one of my favorite spots in Texas. So I guess we'll wait and see if it gets selected for the San Antonio guide.

28 April 2009

El Rancho Motel Sign - Watercolor

Here is the latest in my series of 5 x 7 neon sign watercolors. I'm going to try and punch out a couple more this week. Stay tuned.

27 April 2009

Ryan Bingham at The Granada Theater

It was a school night last night, but that didn't keep me and a buddy from going to see one of our new favorites.....Ryan Bingham, perform last night at the Granada Theater. Ryan tore it up and had the packed house rocking (see if you can find me in the pic 0986f in the top left hand corner-tall bald headed dude). It was truly a great show. I strongly encourage that you check out his music and see what you think. The opening bands were The King Bucks and the Rustlanders. The King Bucks were really good. They had a great sound and an eclectic mix of tunes. It was a little rough rolling out of bed this morning since I'm not usually up past 1 AM on school nights, but I bounced back like a champ and would do it again in a heartbeat. If nothing else, this got me ready to go out a see some more live music very soon.

26 April 2009

Fried Cheese Please - Spanky's - Lubbock, Texas

Where's the first place we always stop when we arrive in Lubbock? Spanky's. They are located right across from Texas Tech on University Ave. It's been a favorite of mine since college. They are known for their fried cheese and great burgers. Here's a pic from Friday night.

23 April 2009

Ebay Selling Highlights - Part 2 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers Program NFL Championship Game 1967

I mentioned a while back that I would highlight some of my best estate sale finds in the coming weeks. Here we go! I picked up this program at an estate sale in University Park. It was in a dusty old box in the garage. I paid $1.00 for the program. It is a program from the Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers NFL Championship Game at the Cotton Bowl in 1967. Eleven months later, these two teams met again in the same game in Green Bay in a game dubbed the "Ice Bowl".....maybe you've heard of it? Sale price for the program on Ebay= $152.50. Not a bad little profit. Estate sale hunting is a great summer job! Hopefully in the coming weeks I can get out to some sales and find some more treasures. I'll keep ya posted. I'm off to Lubbock tomorrow to see some family....I miss the good ole "Hub City"

22 April 2009

Small Watercolor Landscape - New Mexico Hills

Here's a small watercolor landscape that I did yesterday. It measures 2.5" x 4" It is a fictional location, but looks like it could be in New Mexico somewhere. In case you were wondering, I went with the Tex-Mex last night instead of the chicken fried steak. Next eating holiday on the horizon.....Cinco de Mayo.....counting down the days!

21 April 2009

Happy San Jacinto Day! - April 21, 1836

Battle of San Jacinto highlights that I find interesting:

1) "Remember the Alamo" & "Remember Goliad" were the battle cries!

2) The Mexican army camped with their back to a swamp...no escape route....nice tactic

3) Sam Houston decides to attack mid afternoon....during siesta time...brilliant tactic!

4) Battle lasts 18 minutes.....If you call it a battle.

5) Sam Houston's ankle is shattered by a musket ball and goes through 3 horses.

6) Santa Anna is found hiding the next day....nice leadership.

7) Mexico recognizes Texas as free and independent.

8) The Republic of Texas is born soon after and lasts until 1845...even though we were a terrible country, we were a country once....that's always a resume booster.

How do you celebrate San Jacinto Day you may ask? Food of course....Go out and get you some Tex-Mex or a big ole chicken fried steak....that's what I'm doing tonight. Remember San Jacinto!

20 April 2009

Marfa Monday - Marfa Film Festival

NCFOM - filmed near Marfa

If you got some time on your hands next week check out the Marfa Film Festival. Good luck finding a place to stay....you might have to rough it. It looks really cool, I may have to add this event to the social calendar in the next couple of years. Let me know if anyone goes, I'd love to hear about it.

19 April 2009

Houston Trip

Texas High School State Qualifying Art Exhibit

McClain Gallery - David Baechler- Large Green Cone for only $75,000

Rudolph Projects/ArtScan Gallery - Lillian Warren

Montrose 4411 - John Sturtvant - The Singularity

June bug plague

Alrighty, I'm back in North Texas after a quick 2 day trip to Houston. Houston is not one of my favorite places by any means. Traffic, flooding, humidity....take your pick. On Friday we were able to visit 8 contemporary art galleries in the Richmond/Montrose Blvd. area of town. We saw some great art in our 2 hours of browsing. Some of the highlights were the McClain Gallery, Rudolph Projects/Artscan Gallery, Sicardi Gallery, and the 4 galleries at 4411 Montrose Blvd. The state art competition was on Saturday and it turned out to be quite a success. Our students all received the highest rating of 4 on their pieces and were awarded medals. The state qualifying high school artwork in Texas is phenomenal. Highlights of the trip include: 1) June bug plague in Fairfield, Texas....there must have been thousands upon thousands of them at a gas station we stopped at. 2) Eating out all meals: Freebirds wins this category. 3) the art galleries. Lowlights: 1) down pours of rain, hail and flooding while driving in bumper to bumper traffic. 2) 6 A.M. wake up call 3) local radio stations. Great time overall! Above are some of the pics from the trip.

16 April 2009

Idaho Motel Sign - Watercolor

Here is a sign that is found in Pocatello, Idaho. I found it to be a rather interesting composition. This is the latest in my 5 x 7 ink and watercolor series. I'll be traveling to Houston tomorrow for the Texas state art competition. We are taking 4 very talented students down to "H Town" to compete. We will be hitting some great galleries tomorrow near Rice University. I'll make sure and take a lot of pictures while we are there. I'll be back in a few days.

15 April 2009

Dreamland BBQ Sauce

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had visited Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama. They are known for their world famous ribs. They were great! So good in fact that I decided to buy some Dreamland BBQ sauce to try and reenact the taste back here in Texas when I make my ribs. So before we left Birmingham I went into the local Piggly Wiggly and bought a jar of it. It wasn't until the cashier rang it up that I realized that I had just dropped $11 on a jar of BBQ sauce! I couldn't return it because I craved it. I mean I could have picked up a Piggly Wiggly shirt that said "What Happens At The Pig, Stays At The Pig" for $10....one dollar less. I went with the sauce. We've had it a couple of times already with some pork and chicken.....and it's good......but is it $11 good? It's a big enough jug of it....so it should last us a while.

13 April 2009

El Cortez Casino Sign Watercolor Painting

Here is the newest painting in my 5 x 7 watercolor series. It is a painting of the El Cortez Casino sign. It is also one of the inspirations for my "El" painting that I'm working on.....well not actually working on, but one I've started. Scroll down if you haven't seen it yet. Like I've said earlier.....I really like these small paintings. They are a blast to do and take no time at all to finish.

Monday Music - Eleven Hundred Springs

I had a late night on Saturday and decided to take Easter off. A group of friends and I took a little trip to McKinney, Texas to take in an Eleven Hundred Springs concert. It was a great show as usual. I've seen these guys play 5 or 6 times and they never disappoint. The highlight was Jordan playing the fiddle solo.....lordy that guy can play! The pictures above are courtesy of the talented photographer and friend Andrea W. Easter Sunday was laid back and consisted of church, food, and the Masters....oh yeah, and trying to keep my children from eating all the Easter candy at once......it's like crack for kids. I'm finishing up another 5 x 7 watercolor which I'm really happy with....I will post it tomorrow. In the meantime check out 1100 Springs website and listen to some tunes.

11 April 2009

Saturday Meals - BBQ Chicken

Here's a typical meal at my house on Saturday afternoon/evening. BBQ chicken...I prefer the boneless thighs personally, a little Big Bob Gibson's white BBQ sauce, and a Shiner. If you're wondering, yes we have sides as well......favorite one being: Green Chile Rice Casserole (with fresh Hatch green chile) Don't forget the stuffed jalapenos. Oh mama!

Going to see Eleven Hundred Springs tonight, should be a great show as usual! Check them out if you've never heard of them. They are awesome.

10 April 2009

La Cita - Watercolor

Here's a little 5x7 pen and watercolor painting I did of the La Cita Mexican Foods sign in Tucumcari, New Mexico. I think I'm liking these small watercolor paintings. They don't take long at all, so I don't get bored with them.

09 April 2009

Indian Lodge Part 2 - Watercolor

Here is the finished product. The watercolor wash gives it some spunk. I'm already working on another small - 5 x 7 ink drawing of a neon sign that I'll post soon. It's looking pretty good so far.

08 April 2009

Indian Lodge Drawing

Here's a little drawing that I did today of Indian Lodge in Davis Mountains State Park. I looked at an older photo I had for a reference. The perspective is out of whack in some parts, but I wasn't too concerned with that when I was sketching it out. It's a great lodge to stay at while visiting the Big Bend region. I think I may watercolor it tomorrow after I put some finishing touches on it.

07 April 2009

Psychedelic Concert Poster Update - Old 97's

Here is where I'm at on the concert poster design project. I have finished the watercolor wash and have begun to accent the poster with the Prismacolor pencils. It's starting to shape up. I should be finished by the end of the week.

06 April 2009

Opening Day - Sammy Sosa Colored Pencil & Cubby Tie

Baseball season is here! I am now committed to knowing the results of every one of the Cubs baseball games before I go to bed each night. There are 162 games. This drives my wife crazy....but she is used to it now. Above is a Sammy Sosa colored pencil drawing that I did of the "Sammy Leap". This is an older piece. I can't exactly remember the year I did this one. I also included a picture of my tie that I wore to school today....I found it at a garage sale 10 years ago for a quarter. It's kind of got a little 80's skinny tie feel to it.

05 April 2009

Baseball Is Upon Us - Mark McGwire Oil Pastel

Opening day is Monday for most teams.....including my beloved Cubbies. I thought I'd dig in the archives and find some old baseball pieces that I did about 10 years ago. This one is an oil pastel I did of Mark McGwire. Watching this guy in batting practice was unreal.....he's a freak of nature or not nature.....More baseball art to come as we kick baseball season off.

04 April 2009

Nomadas de Arte - Southwest Gallery

Some of Laurel Daniel's paintings.

Some other nice works.


Even More!

Shiner Bock in a can....an artform in itself.

Last night I was able to attend a great show at Southwest Gallery in Dallas. It was called Nomadas de Arte. It was a collection of en plein air paintings from over 200 artists. It was really a great show. I meandered around and studied the outstanding works for about an hour. After I looked around for a while I found my favorite painting. It was from an Austin artist named Laurel Daniel. It is called "91 Degrees and some Clouds" This painting blows me away! I really think it was the best painting there. I was even lucky enough to meet Laurel and visit for a while. She explained to me her process and the story behind the painting. It was really nice to meet her. Make sure that you visit her blog and website.....she has some great stuff. Another highlight was the drinks available at the show. They had Shiner Bock and Miller High Life in cans....now talk about old school.....ain't nothing finer than an ice cold Shiner.....in a can! Overall, it was a great show and gallery. I look forward keeping up with some of the artists at the show.

03 April 2009

Friday's Favorite Place - Adair's Saloon

Down in Deep Ellum off Commerce St. in Dallas, Texas sits one of the coolest bars around.....Adair's Saloon. This place is awesome!....my opinion of course. Some people don't like it.....so I guess they have no taste for true Texana. It has a biker bar meets a honky tonk vibe. Every square inch of this joint is written on in black marker even the beer pitchers (is that violating some kind of health code?) They even provide markers at each table and encourage your artistic additions. My name is plastered over the walls in numerous spots from numerous visits dating back to the mid 90's. They have live music every weekend. Some of the best Texas acts have played in this little dive. They have some of the best hamburgers in Dallas.....topped with a whole jalapeno toothpicked through the top bun. They sell Lone Star in a can for like $1.50-$2.00. It is the epitome of the term junkytrinket. Make a point to stop by Adair's when you are in Dallas....and sign your name to the wall of fame.....don't be scared. Let me know when you want to go and I'll be there.

02 April 2009

Concert Poster - Step 2 - Watercolor Wash

Here is an update on the psychedelic concert poster. Once I get the watercolor wash finished I'm going to add some value with Prismacolor pencils. Hopefully I can get this finished next week.

01 April 2009

Wednesday Wheels - 1979 Toyota FJ 40 - Dream Car

I'm a pretty simple guy. I don't really want much or need much. I drive a 1996 Light Blue Honda Accord. It has 160,000 miles on it. It starts up like a champ every day.....I'm knocking on wood at the moment. It's been stolen from my driveway before.....only to be recovered a week later minus a CD player. It won't go away. Hanging on to this car has now become a sign of my anti-consumerism beliefs. The more miles I rack up and the more years that pass by make me want to see just how long I can drive this thing. If and when it ever dies, I will probably get a used Toyota 4Runner for like $5,000 or something.....I hate car payments. I haven't made one in many years. Now, enough about my paid for hooptie. Lets just say I wanted to go out and splurge.......what would I like? Look above. I found this gem on EBAY, the auction still has a couple of days to go. It only has 4,700 original miles on it and it can be bought right now for $57,000. This is my dream car. The 1979 Toyota FJ 40 Landcruiser. This one is about as nice of one that I've ever seen. I picture myself driving this along the back roads of Colorado, fishing gear in the back with some Willie playing on the radio, just looking for the perfect spot catch a brown trout. This will probably will never happen in this vehicle.....I can dream can't I?


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