01 February 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Funday

As many of you know I'm an estate sale junkie. I'm always looking for deals and items to keep, items to make art from, or items to sell on Ebay. I thought I'd tie together my estate sale find from a few years back with the Super Bowl. I'm not real interested in pro football...so I don't care about the Super Bowl. College football is a 100 times more exciting to me. But one one Saturday morning in north Dallas I made one of my greatest estate sale finds ever. I was the first person to enter the house that morning and noticed tons of sports collectibles....which I love. Nothing was too appealing to me though in the house itself.....but in the garage is where I found my treasure. Stuffed away in a box on a dusty shelf lay a stack of old programs from numerous football games and other prestigious sporting events. My heart began to pound as I hunched over the box so that no one else could see what I had discovered. I knew I had hit a gold mine. I took the box to the old lady running the sale and she said " $1 a program and $5 for the 3 Super Bowl Programs" I couldn't get my money out quick enough. I think I picked up all the programs for like $35. In the stack were mint condition programs from Super Bowl V, VI, & X. I haven't sold any of them yet....and I may never sell them. On Ebay, Super Bowl V programs go for over $350........they are apparently rare because the program supply truck crashed in the swamp near Miami and the supply was limited....not everyone at the game even got a program. Long story short....my $5 purchase can be turned into $350+ if I so choose. Some of my other programs that I got for $1 have sold for up to $170. This was a great day for me and my junk collecting! You NEVER know what you can find!


  1. 350 dollars=0 once Obama hyperinflation sets in, sell them now and buy you some gold

  2. Anonymous2/01/2009

    Hi Jeb; just learned about your blog from your writer brother, Thom. I love your artwork and commentaries and hope you will visit my Renegade South blog, since you are a descendant of the Free State of Jones. You might even want to share some stories with a guest blog sometime.


  3. Will do Vikki....I'll check it out.

  4. Anonymous3/23/2010

    Will you sell program VI? Interested in buying. One just sold on eBay for $76.00. My email is kindl2@verizon.net. Thanks


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