18 December 2013

Texas Button and Sticker Packs

I have been a huge fan of Sam Larson of Steel Bison for a while now.  When he came out with a Texas inspired button pack I knew I needed to get those in my Tumbleweed TexStyles shop.  Make sure and check out Sam's awesome artwork in his shop. Follow him on Instagram and Tumblr too. If you love the West.  This is your guy.

16 December 2013

Texas Alamo Sketch

Texas Alamo

New sketch I did last week. Can you find the Alamo?

26 November 2013

Moth Painting - The Arrangement Advertisement Inspiration

The finished product in the $5 estate sale find frame

The inspiration ad

The drawing

Adding paint

Adding details

So my wife sees an ad for The Arrangement in a magazine and rips it out and says, "hey, can you paint this moth for me?"  Eh, maybe. Then she scores a frame with an ugly landscape painting on it for $5.  It is a great frame and 4' x 2'.  Then I get the question again....."Hey, now that I found a frame, can you paint it?" Thanksgiving break rolls around and I get the pressure put on so I cave in and paint the moth.  It actually turned out pretty good. Now we just have to find a place to hang it up.  Our house is filled with original art from friends and local artisans.

12 November 2013

Frisco ArtSeen Tour and New Artwork For Our House

 Misty Oliver-Foster

 Misty Oliver-Foster

 Misty Oliver- Foster

T. Scott Stromberg's "Sangre de Christo" now hangs in my house!

A few weeks ago Frisco had the ArtSeen tour around town.  It is basically a couple of days where artists open up their studios and show off works in progress and an inside look at their work spaces.  Some of the highlights were Misty Oliver-Foster's studio.  She is a good friend and one of my favorite local artists.   She has a really cool converted garage studio.  I was also able to pick up a new piece of artwork for our home from another friend, T. Scott Stromberg.  It is titled "Sangre de Christo"  It has a cool New Mexico vibe! We love it!

04 November 2013

Tumbleweed TexStyles Has A New Website!

I am really happy to announce our brand new website for my shirt company - Tumbleweed TexStyles.  If you have been following for a while then you know I started this Texas based apparel company a little over two years ago. It has been a fun ride so far and we hope to continue to move forward!  You can check out our new site right here ----> www.tumbleweedtexstyles.com  Pass it along to your friends and folks you know from from Texas!  Also make sure you follow us on our social media channels.  Thanks!! Jeb

28 October 2013

The Daytripper's Vaya Con Dios Coffee Mug

Vaya Con Dios

Above is a little design work that I did for Chet Garner - AKA "The Daytripper" back in June.  He told me it was for a coffee mug and I never really got to see a mock-up or knew what colors Chet would use.  Today Chet posted these bad boys in his web store.  You can order one right here.  A coffee mug is a new one for me.....but I sure am digging how it turned out! 

23 October 2013

New Shop!

Well folks it was a nice run, but it looks like I will be moving away from selling my photos and art on Etsy.  It's a long story that I may share with you at some point. In the meantime, check out my new shop right here!  I have listed a few of my Holga prints on there to start.  I will add more items in the coming weeks. I'm excited about this new platform and hopefully it will be a smooth transition.  I decided to go with Big Cartel for my shop host.  So far it seems pretty easy to manage. Add it to your favorites, tell your friends, and let me know your thoughts. 

14 October 2013

Small Watercolors

Here are a few of the small ink drawings that I watercolored.  These are really fun to do and don't take too long to complete.  I'll do a few more and see if it can hold my interest.

03 October 2013

Texas Themed Illustrations

Ink Drawings

Small sample  I did yesterday "Queso!"

I'm about to start a series of some Texas themed illustrations. These are in the beginning stages and only 4 x 6.  I'm using these as my practice ones.   I used a Copic pen on watercolor paper.  I still need to add lettering / text and watercolors of course. If they turn out cool, I may throw some up on Etsy as postcards and prints.  I'll update everyone on the progress in the next few days. 

27 September 2013

Hunt Texas - Texas Antlers Design

Texas Antlers

Here is a new Texas design (shocker I know) I did recently that will soon be a Tumbleweed TexStyles tee. It has gotten great response on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, make sure and follow me at @junkytrinket and follow my t-shirt company at @shoptwt  Have a good one!!

23 September 2013

Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa

Here is a picture I took of Prada Marfa in late July. We were in town for the Viva Big Bend Music Festival. The landscapes and skies are hard to beat. 

19 September 2013

Artwork for The Daytripper

Drawing for The Daytripper t-shirt?

Chet Garner came to me and wanted a new design for a t-shirt idea that he had in mind.  Here is what I came up with for him.  Check out Chet's show - The Daytripper  He sells our t-shirts in his web store too! I even got to be a model. Ha!

18 September 2013

Tumbleweed TexStyles - Southern Tradition Football Tee Designs

North Texas / Baylor Green

Texas A&M Maroon

Texas Longhorn Burnt Orange

SMU / Houston /Texas Tech Red

Here are few of the color schemes we will have for our new Southern Tradition tees that come out next week.

17 September 2013

Texas Mockingbird

Texas Mockingbird

Here is a drawing I did of a Mockingbird in a southwestern style.  This may possibly be a shirt in the spring......who knows?

16 September 2013

Oklahoma Towns Drawing

Oklahoma Towns Design

Here is a new drawing I did for an upcoming t-shirt that Tumbleweed TexStyles is going to do.  I used a Copic pen and squeezed as many towns as I could in there.

13 September 2013

Hey Y'all Sketch

Hey Y'all! I thought I would get Junky Trinkets rolling again but keep it simple and use it for a way to share some new ideas.

20 February 2013

New Logo For Tumbleweed TexStyles

Here is a new logo that we will be using as we move forward.  We had Nebraska designer, Joe Horacek of Little Mountain Supply Co. help with the design.  We are super excited about it!  We should have hats, koozies, stickers, and shirts with the new design on them out soon.

11 January 2013

The Daytripper Likes My Shirts

Chet Garner

Texas travel guru Chet Garner, host of the hit Texas PBS show, The Daytripper has decided to start selling my hand drawn Texas t-shirts in their web store!  We are thrilled about this cool opportunity.  Here is a link to their online shop. Check it out!

We have also written more info on this exciting partnership on our Tumbleweed TexStyles blog.  If you aren't following us yet.....then what are you waiting for?  As Chet would say, "Vaya Con Dios"


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