30 November 2010

Green on Gruene

Green on Gruene

Here is one the many photos I took over the Thanksgiving break.  Yes, it's my favorite place in Texas: Gruene Hall.  Make sure and check back tomorrow for the first installment of the Junky Trinkets Holiday Gift Guide. 

27 November 2010

Oil Pastel Landscape - Marfa Sky 2

 Marfa Sky 2

Updated pic from 12/6 - better light!

I had a few wood panels sitting around the studio and I decided to bust out the oil pastels and do a little landscape painting.  These are really fun for me.  I love blending and layering colors with the oil pastels.  I may try a few more of these soon. First, I laid a coat of gesso down and then did an undercoat of red-orange acrylic paint.  I then used Sennelier oil pastels to finish it out.  It's like painting with lipstick. They are the best oil pastels I've found!  The picture above doesn't quite do the colors justice....I need to figure out some better ways to photograph these.  I really didn't make a point to photograph it perfectly but any photo suggestions or tips would be greatly  appreciated!!
Get some Sennelier Oil Pastels here:
Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets

26 November 2010

Envelope Collage - ETSY

Here is an photo envelope I collaged for one of my ETSY customers.  I try to put some of my own artistic flair into my packaging for my customers.  This was one I sent out to Switzerland.....Looks like Junky Trinkets has made it to Europe!

19 November 2010

Same Blog > New Address! www.junkytrinkets.com

I have decided to buy the domain name www.junkytrinkets.com and have it link up to the blog.  I wanted to make it easy for people to remember and streamline it a little bit. Previous JT bookmarks or typing in http://www.junkytrinkets.blogspot.com/ will still get you here too...so no worries!  I'm in the process of some serious brainstorming sessions for what I want Junky Trinkets to ultimately become.  I am going to try a few new things next year with the blog and I'll be asking for feedback from my loyal readers (if I have any).  So spread the word and try out the new address.

17 November 2010

James Malone - Laura Moore Fine Arts Studio

James Malone - Burro Mesa

 Various work by James Malone


 Laura Moore Fine Arts Studio

 Studio Duende Fine Art Gallery - Guy and Pernie's gallery

Work in progress by Pernie Fallon

Last Sunday afternoon I headed over to McKinney, Texas for the McKinney Artist Studio Tour.  It's a yearly event that features McKinney artists and their studios.  Y'all know how I love to peek into other artist's workspaces! I started out at Laura Moore Fine Arts Studio to see a show by James Malone.  I was blown away!  The show consists of some incredible pencil drawings of west Texas landscapes.  I mean these were awesome!  Please check out his site.  The other highlight of the tour was the studio of my good friend and co-worker Pernie Fallon and her husband Guy.  They had just finished a remodel of their gallery space in the front room and used mud for the walls.  They look great....makes you feel like you are in New Mexico.

15 November 2010

Old 97's T-shirt Contest Designs

Here are a couple of my Old 97's t-shirt designs that I came up with for their contest which ends today.  I've got a few others entered with different color schemes.  Big thanks to Cory over at Dusted Juke who helped me with some of the computer graphics stuff. So if you win the contest, they mass produce the shirts and people all over the counrty will be sporting them.....that would be sweet!  Even if these don't win, they may end up being some of the guinea pigs for the new YUDU machine which is still in the box!  Wish me luck!

11 November 2010

Frisco Art In The Atrium Opening 2010

Carrie and I in front of Style Station 1 - 5th floor

 Sweet Home 11 - 2nd floor

I Made My Bed - 1st floor - you gotta pass it to pay that water bill!

Last night was the Frisco "Art In The Atrium" opening event at Frisco City Hall.  I am honored to have had three of my paintings selected for this year's show. I want to say thanks to all my friends that came out to support the local art scene!  We had a real nice turnout and I'm really happy with the location of my paintings this year.  I've got I Made My Bed on the first floor next to the city council chambers.  Sweet Home 11 is on the second floor, and Style Station 1 is on the fifth floor near the elevator. If you are in the Frisco area stop by and check it out.  There is some great artwork on display.  The show runs through August of 2011.

04 November 2010

"Down That Road" - Erin Spencer

Down That Road

Above is my latest original artwork purchase.  It's a small 3 x 5 oil painting titled Down That Road painted by Erin Spencer.  I can't wait to get it.  It will be my second Erin Spencer piece to own.  Here is the other one.  Make sure you check out Erin's cool blog and her Etsy shop.  I have a feeling I'll be picking up a few more of these in the future!


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