30 January 2009

Friday Favorites - Canton First Monday Trade Days

Finally. My wife and I are going to get back out to Canton, Texas for 1st Monday Trade Days. It is the largest outdoor flea market in the U.S. and is about an hour east of Dallas. We haven't been out there in about 2 years or so. They have more stuff than you can shake a stick at. They have tons of antiques, crafts, food, junk, collectibles, and art. It can literally take days to see it all. We're heading down tomorrow morning without the kids to shop til we drop. We've got a pretty good grasp on the place so we know a good route to follow once we are inside the gates. I look for collectibles, materials for art projects, and unique trinkets. My wife likes the home decor stuff and antiques. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of crap there too......you got to know when move on. I'll fill y'all in on the trinkets we pick up this weekend.

P.S. We like to snicker at all of the able bodied people on scooters that are smoking and drinking 64 oz. Dr. Peppers and eating funnel cakes......hence the picture above. There are lots of those people around Canton.....it makes for a good laugh. You gotta watch them because they'll run you over!


  1. Anonymous1/30/2009

    I love DP and funnel cake, but yeah, a scooter would be pushing it a little!

  2. Like the people who go to crowded art exhibits and wear headsets which distract them from paying attention to the people around them. Although I don't laugh at them--they're too annoying! I feel like telling them to unplug and live in the moment! ;-)
    May I never eat enough funnel cake to require a scooter!
    How is the Hampton Sides book? I've been thinking of adding it to my "to-read" list.

  3. The book is great. Of course I'm really into that kind of stuff.....Wild West....New Mexico history. I have been sidetracked lately so I haven't picked it up in a few weeks. It's pretty long and involved. But so far so good.

  4. never got to to canton unless you like rusty stars and junk

  5. Which is why I'm going because I like both.


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