31 March 2011

New Holga Prints In!

   Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, TX

                                                         Cowboy Motel - Amarillo, TX

                                                   Sun 'n Sand Motel - Santa Rosa, NM

 Texas Tech University Administration Building - Lubbock, Texas

Here are a few shots from spring break.  I'm saving the really cool ones for later....but these are pretty sweet if I do say so myself!

28 March 2011

Lone Star #1 - A Texas Collage Painting

Lone Star #1 - 12 x 12 - mixed media

Above is the finished product. I'm calling it Lone Star #1.  I know, real original right?  I'm thinking that there may be more where this came from so I'm going to keep it simple and leave the door open.  I fiddled around with it a little last night and some tonight and I finally decided that I liked it just how it was......so I stopped.  Sometimes us artists don't know when to stop and we over do things.  The trick is knowing when your piece is finished.  Materials used: 12 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas, 1960's Texas map, 1950's Santa Fe train schedule, old book pages, acrylic paint, gesso, oil pastels, xerox transfers, and an old bingo card.

27 March 2011

Studio Overhaul

                                                 Junky Trinkets Headquarters (Before)

More before

Junky Trinkets Headquarters (After)

We are putting our house on the market in the upcoming weeks and I needed to straighten up......I mean "stage" my studio/office.  20 boxes later this is the result.  The quote of the weekend was when my wife called in both our young children in to look at the boxes full of magazines, programs, matchbooks, road maps, ticket stubs, bottle caps, pennants, newspapers, old books, buttons, etc. "Take a good look kids because when daddy dies you two are going to have to figure out what to do with all this stuff"  I think I'm kind of a borderline hoarder.  It was tough for me to box some of the stuff up.  I did trash a few things...not much.  If your are not an artist/collector.....you may not understand.  Don't worry the Junky Trinkets Headquarters will be back to old form as soon as we sell this place and find a new one.  I can't live without all my inspiration - "junk" nearby.

26 March 2011

Texas Collages In Progress

Here is a sneak peek of some new pieces I'm working on.  I've basically just put in the backgrounds.  There are still a few layers to go. Each collage is 12 x 12 on canvas. So far I'm digging them.

24 March 2011

Silver Spur Sign Update!

Silver Spur - 24" x 36" acrylic on canvas

Well, we are on the home stretch with this one!  A few more small details and I'll paint the edges and give it a coat of varnish.  I've already got about 5-6 paintings in my head that I'm ready to get moving on.  I'm thinking a little more collage, mixed media, Texana meets abstract for the next few weeks.  What do ya think?

22 March 2011

Old Motel Signs Along Old Rt. 66 from Spring Break

 Sun N Sand Motel - Santa Rosa, NM

                                                     Buckaroo Motel - Tucumcari, NM

                                                              La Cita - Tucumcari, NM

                                                     Palomino Motel - Tucumcari, NM

Silver Spur Motel - Amarillo, TX - look familiar?

Here are a few of my pictures from our trip out to New Mexico.  I sent off 3 rolls from the Holga to get developed today.  I can't wait to see how they turn out!

20 March 2011

Visit to Jennifer Cavan's Studio

Meredith working on her masterpiece

Jennifer and Meredith with the finished product

My Cavan inspired piece

A sneak peek of one of Jennifer's new works

Our family took a trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico for spring break last week.  We had a great time skiing, eating, relaxing, and sightseeing.  One of my highlights was visiting Jennifer Cavan's studio.  Her studio was about a mile from our cabin rental.  My daughter and I stopped by for an hour or so.  Jennifer even set up a easel for me so I could make some art!  I have been a fan of Jennifer's work for many years and it was really cool to be able to pick her brain and paint along side her in her studio.  If you are not familiar with Jennifer's work make sure you check out her blog and her website.  Thanks Jennifer for letting us stop by!

10 March 2011

Silver Spur Update

I was able to lay in some base colors today.  So far so good.  It may be over a week until I can get back to this one since I'll be out of pocket for a few days.  When I get back I hope to be able to share some good blog material!  I've got some cool stuff planned in the upcoming weeks!

09 March 2011

Silver Spur Motel sign painting

Here is a sneak peek at my new painting.  It's 24 x 36 on gallery wrapped canvas.  I'm looking to make some progress today.  I'll post updates.  I'm REAL excited about this one!

08 March 2011

Frisco Arts In the Square Festival 2011

D.R. Jones' booth

Jerry Brem's booth

More of Jerry's work

Mid-morning crowd - great turnout!!

This last weekend was Frisco Square's 2nd annual Arts In The Square art festival.  I volunteered both days and had a great time visiting with all the artists and enjoying the weather.  Some of my favorites were:

Jerry Brem - North Carolina artist that uses bold colors on charcoal drawings.

David Canavesio - Oklahoma painter, also had some letter paintings that were a hot item.

D.R. Jones - Texas painter - bright colors with a southwestern feel.

Melissa Winton -Frisco artist - one of my friends from the VAGF.

My friend and financial blogger, PT Money also has a little article about buying original art.  Make sure and read the article here and comment about you experiences with buying original art.

I also started a new painting last night.  I'll post pics soon!

02 March 2011

Happy Texas Independence Day!! - ETSY SALE!

God Bless Texas - It's a 175 years old today!  In honor of this special day we're offering up a 36% discount on everything in the ETSY shop for 2 days.  Texas declared independence from Mexico on March 2nd 1836.....what a great way to celebrate!!  The coupon code for your discount is 175YEARSOFTX 
Make sure you drink a Shiner, eat some BBQ, and listen to Willie.  Shop link here.


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