14 January 2009

Wednesday Works - Forsyth Park

A couple of years ago my wife and I were trying to select a destination for a week long trip. We got it narrowed down to Savannah, Georgia / Charleston, South Carolina or Portland , Oregon. We went with the southern trip. Boy, were we pleased with our pick! Both cities are rich with history and have some of the most beautiful architecture that you have ever seen. We stayed downtown in a nice bed and breakfast called the Green Palm Inn. We did lots of walking around, took a ghost tour, a city tour, and ate at some outstanding restaurants. I also took tons of pictures. Did I mention I love to take pictures?? Savannah is a great city to take pictures. Everywhere you turn there are great photo opportunities. There are tons of old monuments, gravestones, and old homes. The layout of Savannah is incredible. Every 3-4 blocks there is square with benches, fountains, and humongous trees. The pictures above are some I took while in Forsyth Park. I took them in black and white to capture the full range of values. Maybe you remember it from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ?

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  1. savannah is very cool, you should definitely go if you never have gone.


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