30 June 2010

Cajun Cooking at Mulate's

I went to my cousin's wedding last weekend in Lafayette, Louisiana.  It's the cousin that I made the West Texas Fleur De Lis for.  Well as you know, I try and avoid the chain restaurants when I travel, and this short trip was no exception.  My son and I stopped by Mulate's in Breaux Bridge for some Cajun cooking.  It was recommended by my pal PT Money, who just happens to be a good ole Louisiana boy. This place was legit old school - wood paneling, dim lights, a dance floor, checkered tablecloths, and neon signs.  Right down my alley!  I had a bowl of gumbo and a local beer - LA 31.  The gumbo was outstanding!  I also discovered a Cajun garlic sauce that was at the table.  It was delicious!!  Luckily they were selling it behind the counter....so I bought a couple of bottles.

24 June 2010

New Painting - Rio Grande Hotel Sign

Here is a sneak peak at my new work in progress.  It's a 15" x 30" drawing on canvas of the Rio Grande Hotel neon sign in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The colors are primarily orange, navy, and white.  I'm excited to get started on it.  As usual, I'll keep you posted on the progress.  And yes, that is a new easel.  I treated myself to one since my drawing table just wasn't cutting it.....now I'm a little more professional...so no more excuses!

21 June 2010

A Few Images From Our Trip

Little Squaw Resort

Our Driveway View      
View From Our Hike

Can You Say Painting?

The Texan Motel - Raton, New Mexico

Here are a few shots from our trip to Colorado last week.  I shot two rolls of 120 BW film with the Holga....that leaves a little surprise in the upcoming weeks.  I think I may have a few new paintings in the works from a couple of these.  Colorado is a beautiful place!  Good Times!

09 June 2010

Holga Concert Poster Picture

I have one of my photos on a real concert poster! Above is a concert poster for a local show that used one of my Holga images from Carlsbad, New Mexico for the background.  Pretty cool considering that hundreds of people that visit Lochrann's between now and July 15th will see it.  The poster was designed by the talented graphic designer - dusted juke.  Great job!  I may have to rip one of these off the bathroom wall at Lochrann's.  Be sure and check out The Naptime Shake too.  Heck, come to the show with me!

05 June 2010

New Painting - Fleur De Lis

Here is my new painting. It's a 12 x 12 acrylic transfer painting on a collage of old maps and book pages with oil pastel weathering.  It's a surprise gift for a couple that I don't think read my blog....that is why I'm posting it.  The maps and book pages that were used for the background have sentimental value to the recipients.  I can't wait to give it to them in a few weeks......so don't blow my cover!

02 June 2010

Ryan Bingham - Junky Star

Great news just came across my radar today!  Ryan Bingham's new album Junky Star will be out September 7th!  This should be a good one.  I wonder where he got his idea for his album name????  Sounds familiar to me.  If you are not familiar with Ryan Bingham then you need to get caught up by buying Mescalito, Roadhouse Sun, and the Crazy Heart Soundtrack.  I'll be in the company of Mr. Bingham on July 4th at Whitewater Sports.  I used to work at WWS during the summers back in college....back when it was a dump.  It looks like they've got their act together now.....wouldn't ya know.  Buy a ticket and come join me!!
Sneak Preview right here.


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