09 January 2009

Friday Favorites - Jennifer Cavan

Today's Friday favorite features one of my all time favorite artists......Jennifer Cavan. Jennifer usually focuses on southwestern scenes from the New Mexico area. She does a lot of churches, old barns, farm houses, and mountain scenes. Her media of choice is oil pastel. As you can see from the above images, bold colors are not a problem. Jennifer uses colored paper in some of her work to give it an automatic undertone. Jennifer travels the country displaying her work at art festivals, shows, and events. She comes to Dallas a few times a year. She is a very sweet lady and is always willing to show you some hints and pointers......which I usually ask for. I've even had my classes do some Cavanesque type oil pastel landscapes as projects. She is a frequent artist at the Cottonwood Art Festival and Artfest. You should check out her website and go check her out at an upcoming spring festival.

1 comment:

  1. Now, I'm not an art guy, but her paintings make me think of how Van Gough's paintings would've looked if you focused his "lens" so to speak.. "haystacks" or "mountainous landscape hehind St. Paul's hospital" comes to mind.


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