27 April 2010

Stripe Painting - "Collarbone High"

This painting is a little more contemporary than my usual stuff but I wanted to change it up a bit. I got the idea from a painting I saw on a television show my wife and I enjoy called "Flipping Out" -maybe you've heard of it. Collarbone High is an acrylic painting is on a 20" x 20" gallery wrapped canvas. It just took me a few hours to complete. Let me know what you think.

25 April 2010

"I Made My Bed" - Alamo Plaza Sign painting complete!

I have finally finished my new painting! It is titled, "I Made My Bed". You can view the progress right here. It is an acrylic painting that measures 24"x 36" on gallery wrapped canvas. It will be my entry for the Frisco ISD employee show. The show is put on by the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco of which I'm a member. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'm also happy that I can move on and start working on some new stuff. Like I've said before, I have a ton of ideas I want to try out.

23 April 2010

Chris Knight and Fuzzy's Tacos

Chris Knight
A dog in a bar....that's something you don't see everyday

Set list - I didn't get it but I did get a pic
Last night a friend of mine and a few of his buddies made the drive over to Dan's Silver Leaf in Denton to check out Chris Knight. I've been a fan of CK for about 10 years now, but I had never seen a show. He played an hour and a half acoustic show in front of a packed house. Good stuff!!! If you've never heard of Chris Knight, then you definitely need to check him out. Most of his songs tell a story, and most of the dark storylines focus on hard times and hard living......and death. The quote of the night by a guy behind me was, " He can only go about two songs in a row without singing about death or someone getting killed" Overall great venue and great show! Highlights of the evening besides the show were seeing a dog in the bar, PBR in a can, and Fuzzy's Tacos. We went to Fuzzy's before and after the show. The tacos were about the best I've ever had....and that's saying something! My favorites were the shredded pork tacos, garlic shredded beef tacos, and the shrimp, egg, and cheese breakfast burritos. The queso was awesome too! If you are ever in Denton it's well worth a stop. PT and his wife have been telling me I had to try this place for quite some time now. They were right.
To listen to some Chris Knight and pick up some tunes, click here - Chris Knight

21 April 2010

San Jacinto Day - Sneak Peek of Alamo Plaza Sign

Happy San Jacinto Day! On this date in 1836, Sam Houston and his army defeated the Mexican army led by Santa Anna down in the swamps of southeast Texas. Speaking of the Texas Revolution, I'm almost finished with my Alamo Plaza Motel sign. Nice segue huh? I should have it wrapped up by the weekend. For now enjoy a sneak peek of the progress.....if you enjoy that type of thing. My Texan followers, or anyone for that matter, crack open a Shiner, crank some Willie, and eat some brisket....celebrate San Jacinto Day!

18 April 2010

Shhhhhh! It's a Secret - Rhoming Hitchhikers Rock

Rhoming Hitchhikers
I was able to catch an unannounced Old 97's show last night at Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas. They were not on the bill and no public notice had been put out about the show. How do you find out about one of the shows? Well, for me it all came down to the people I follow on Twitter. Word got out that the band Rhoming Hitchhikers on the bill was actually the Old 97's. I made plans to be there....I mean they are recording a new album and all in town and maybe they would play some new stuff....right? I was not let down. Salim Nourallah opened the show and he was excellent! He produces a ton of the local bands that I love, including the Old 97's. His sound was really good and I was most impressed with his lyrics and the way his songs flowed. Second up was Buttercup out of San Antonio. They played an 8-10 song set. They were entertaining to say the least. I'll let you check them out for yourself. The night was concluded with the Rhoming Hitchhikers....I mean Old 97's. They played a 21 song set and had a good mix of old and new. They did play two brand new songs that sounded really great! If those two songs are any indication of the material on the new album...I would say we are in good shape! It was a rockin' show as usual. The crowd was great! The highlight or should I say lowlight was me dropping Ken's guitar pick that he threw in the crowd when the set was over. The dang thing bounced right off my palm and on to the dark, dark, dirty floor somewhere amongst crowd. Oh well! I'll cap off this week of great live music with Chris Knight at Dan's Silver Leaf on Thursday.
Won't Be Home
Dance With Me
-New Song-
West Texas Teardrops
Here's To The Halcyon
Barrier Reef
Book of Poems
4 Leaf Clover
Color of a Lonely Heart Is Blue
St. Ignatius
-New Song-
Can't Get A Line
Big Brown Eyes
Buy the Rhoming Hitchhikers namesake song here:

17 April 2010

Telegraph Canyon and The Orbans - Lochrann's

The Orbans

Thursday night some friends and I made the long five minute ride to Lochrann's to check out Telegraph Canyon. Lochrann's has been bringing in some up and coming local talent every Thursday night. Telegraph Canyon had what many called the best album of 2009 by a Texas artist. They didn't disappoint. The crowd was decent and a little on the light side......but what do you expect? Frisco has no clue. They missed out. That just allowed us to be two feet from the band. The opening band was The Orbans. They were really good too. They are kind of a mix between Coldplay and Whiskeytown....good stuff. On tap tonight....a secret unannounced show from the Old 97's. They are playing under the name Roaming Hitchhikers. Maybe I'll take a Greyhound to Fredericksburg afterwards. Great music weekend is shaping up. Pick up the new Telegraph Canyon album here: The Tide and the Current
Photos courtesy of of my pal at dustedJuke

13 April 2010

Holga Print Block Complete

The Holga print block is complete. I am going to run a small limited edition series of these prints. Above is an artist proof I ran at school for my class. Maybe this will be a good item to get my Etsy shop up and running. My goal is to get some stuff on there before summer. My mind has been spinning with ideas. It's time to put some of these ideas on paper and canvas!

11 April 2010

Main Street Art Festival in Fort Worth - Dolan Geiman

My new addition. "Nebraska Cowboy"

Dolan Geiman, me, and Ali Walsh

Dolan's booth at the show
Sunday morning we skipped church, packed up the kids, and drove west about 40 miles to Ft. Worth for the Main Street Art Festival. The weather was great! It was overcast and cool. It got really crowded around noon, which was fine because we took in a little lunch at one of our favorite spots in Sundance Square. There were tons of great artists at the show. It was real inspiring! I was able to meet one of my favorite artists, Dolan Geiman. We wrestled over which piece to buy but we finally decided on "Nebraska Cowboy" It appears to be a silkscreen/painting combo on plywood. It is really cool. Dolan had some really awesome original large pieces in the booth that I would have loved to take off his hands......but as you know, sometimes collectors have to start small. Dolan and Ali were both really nice and it was great to finally meet them. I've been a loyal follower of the blog for quite some time. It's a must follow. They also have a great Etsy shop set up for you to make online purchases. You know, in case you are looking for the perfect gift for me. I'll post some more info on some of the cool artwork and photography I saw at the festival soon. In the meantime, check out all the great links above!

Printmaking - Holga Block Print

We are currently studying printmaking in my classes and I needed to do an example for this years group. This is what I came up with. This is the first 6"x 6" artist proof. I'm hoping to clean up the block this week and run a small series soon. I'm liking how it turned out!

07 April 2010

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Devil's Hall Trail - Holga

Sorry for being so brief lately....well, maybe it's a good thing. I've had a really hectic last few weeks and I think I see the end in sight....maybe. I'm heading down to Houston this weekend on our state art trip. My students and I are going to hit up some contemporary art galleries while we are down there. Should be fun! The family and I are also going to try and make it to Main Street Art Festival in Ft. Worth on Sunday. I really want to get out and meet Dolan Geiman, and maybe pick up some original artwork. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm also going to get back to the Alamo Plaza Courts painting....it's time to get that one finished and move along. For now, enjoy the Texas mountains through the lens of my toy camera.
I get all my Holga prints run here:
Ritz Pix 4X6 .16 Prints

05 April 2010

Next Year is Here!

Opening Day! Go Cubs Go! I think I'll wear this to work today.

02 April 2010

More Holga Shots From Spring Break

Guadalupe Mountains National Park along Devil's Hall Trail

El Capitan

Will Rogers statue at Texas Tech

North Y Drive-In - Carlsbad, New Mexico

Here are just a few shots from spring break. More to come. In other news, we started printmaking in class yesterday and I'm working on a printblock dedicated to the Holga camera. Hopefully it will turn out. I'll post some pics soon.
I get all my Holga prints run here:
Ritz Pix 4X6 .16 Prints


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