28 October 2013

The Daytripper's Vaya Con Dios Coffee Mug

Vaya Con Dios

Above is a little design work that I did for Chet Garner - AKA "The Daytripper" back in June.  He told me it was for a coffee mug and I never really got to see a mock-up or knew what colors Chet would use.  Today Chet posted these bad boys in his web store.  You can order one right here.  A coffee mug is a new one for me.....but I sure am digging how it turned out! 

23 October 2013

New Shop!

Well folks it was a nice run, but it looks like I will be moving away from selling my photos and art on Etsy.  It's a long story that I may share with you at some point. In the meantime, check out my new shop right here!  I have listed a few of my Holga prints on there to start.  I will add more items in the coming weeks. I'm excited about this new platform and hopefully it will be a smooth transition.  I decided to go with Big Cartel for my shop host.  So far it seems pretty easy to manage. Add it to your favorites, tell your friends, and let me know your thoughts. 

14 October 2013

Small Watercolors

Here are a few of the small ink drawings that I watercolored.  These are really fun to do and don't take too long to complete.  I'll do a few more and see if it can hold my interest.

03 October 2013

Texas Themed Illustrations

Ink Drawings

Small sample  I did yesterday "Queso!"

I'm about to start a series of some Texas themed illustrations. These are in the beginning stages and only 4 x 6.  I'm using these as my practice ones.   I used a Copic pen on watercolor paper.  I still need to add lettering / text and watercolors of course. If they turn out cool, I may throw some up on Etsy as postcards and prints.  I'll update everyone on the progress in the next few days. 


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