28 October 2010

Busy Week In Pictures

 Cowboys Stadium tour - artwork

 More artwork

 The Polyphonic Spree on before Old 97's

 I took my son to his first Old 97's show......he loved it!

 Concert t-shirt...the back says "I'm a Trainwreck"

Pumpkin Patch fun!

Above are some of the highlights from last week.

26 October 2010

Frisco Art In The Atrium Show 2010 Entries

Sweet Home 11 -  20 x 20 mixed media on canvas

Style Station 1 - 12 x 12 mixed media on canvas

I Made My Bed - 24 x 36 acrylic on canvas

I received word a few weeks ago that a few of my paintings were selected for this year's Frisco Art In The Atrium Show.  I'm really excited to be a part of the show again.  Last year was my first year to enter and it is really a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their work.  The opening reception is Wednesday, November 10th from 7-9 PM at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center - City Hall and Public Library in Frisco Square. I would love for all of my Frisco/Dallas friends to stop by and say hey.  There is going to be a great collection of local artwork in the show.  It should be good! The show will run through August of 2011.  Come check it out!

20 October 2010

Z.Z. Wei - One Of My New Favorites

Bullet Holes

A co-worker brought me back a postcard from the Manitou Gallery on her trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It has an image of Storm from Z.Z. Wei on it.  I truly can't stop staring at it.  It sits on my desk for constant inspiration.  Make sure and check out Z.Z. Wei's stuff here.  The skies and clouds really do it for me!

14 October 2010

Matchbook Art - Old U.S. Puzzle

I just finished this new piece on Monday.  It's a little different from a lot of my previous stuff.  I wanted to try some new things and incorporate some of my collections and estate sale finds.  I got my inspiration from Dolan Geiman right here.  I bought the old US puzzle at an estate sale this summer.  We took all the states and made magnets out of them for our fridge.  It's a great way for our kids to learn their US geography.  The puzzle background was starting to come apart and I was about to trash it when I saw Dolan's piece.  That is when I got the idea to make something similar.  I dumped out a few large jars of matchbooks I've been collecting since college and went through them to find some of my favorite spots and some of the most colorful ones.  I attached them to the puzzle background, painted and weathered the silhouette and then screwed the two pieces together leaving a little space in between.  I had fun doing this and I really like the outcome.  It's a great way to display some of these great matchbook covers.

12 October 2010

Old 97's - The Grand Theatre Volume One - Out Today!

Today the greatness of Old 97's is out with a brand new album, The Grand Theatre Volume One !  I've been listening to it all week via a live stream on KXT 91.7.  It is awesome!  Impress your friends and get on board the train.  The Grand Theatre Vol. 2 will be out in May.  It's good to be an Old 97's fan! Oh mama!!
Buy it here

08 October 2010

Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses - House of Blues - Still Ain't No Concert For the Weary Kind

Last night we went to check out Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses play at House of Blues in Dallas.  This makes the fourth time I've seen him play in the past year and a half. Here is an older post. This was my first time to ever see a show at the HoB. I must say it was a pretty cool place. I didn't really get to see too much of the building since it was packed.  There is tons of cool art on the walls that I wished I could have explored but I wasn't about to fight the crowd and lose my spot.  I won't go into all the details but I will say that it was a great show and Bingham definitely did not disappoint......as usual.  The place was packed, it was loud, a couple fights broke out....you know, the typical stuff. You gotta bring your A game to a RB show.  It's rowdy.  He played a good mix of songs from his three albums and the crowd pretty much sang along with all them.  Here is a little snippet of video goodness I shot. Awesome!

04 October 2010

Weekend Recap - Link Em Up

 Hole In My Wall at Discovery Show

 Some of my stuff alongside one of my student's animal paintings - she is amazing!

Future stone carver

Busy weekend... here is the the lowdown and links:

Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward on Friday night.  Real good band! Check them out!

The Frisco Discovery Center grand opening - Had a great time checking out all the great artwork.
Here are a few of my friends that had booths:
Carolyn Nelson
Misty Foster
Jane Damon
Barbara J. Mason
T. Scott Stromberg

We took in a Twisted Root burger on Sunday before Cottonwood.  It was delicious!  Sorry no pics, I was too busy eating!  I went with the chipolte, guacamole, cheddar, and fried onion string burger....it was money!

Finished off the weekend at Cottonwood and had some great visits with some of my friends:
Jennifer Cavan
Brice McCasland
Jerry Brem


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