31 August 2010

Ryan Bingham - Junky Star

Don't forget to get out and buy or download the new Ryan Bingham album for $3.99 today only right here: Junky Star   I've only heard two songs off of it so far and they are both great!  Impress your friends with your knowledge of quality Americana music.  I can't wait until October 7th when he plays House of Blues in Dallas.  This album purchase will be a nice way to kiss August goodbye!

26 August 2010

New Obsession - YUDU

A few Saturday mornings ago I flip on the TV and 20 minutes later, I'm sucked in.  Yes, I'm a sucker for infomercials.  I don't know how many times I've almost bought P90X or the kit to make riches in real estate.  This particular morning was different.  It was an all in one screen printing machine called the YUDU.  I thought to myself - now this is what I need!  I held off and researched it for over a week.  There are tons of people that love it and many that have had issues.  I have also read up on hacks and alterations to the machine to save money.  Last Sunday I bit the bullet and went to Michael's and bought one on sale.  I also ordered equipment to spread liquid emulsion instead of using the YUDU emulsion sheets which can be expensive.  I am going to continue to dissect this process before I try it out.  I have big plans to make my own t-shirts.  I will certainly keep everyone posted on the process.  I'm pretty dang excited!

18 August 2010

Gruene Hall Texas Collage Painting - IN PROGRESS

Here is my other collage painting that I'm working on. The main images are acrylic transfers.  I've pretty much just done the background.  I still need to paint and enhance....but I'm not completely set on the direction I want to take....I hate creative block!

16 August 2010

ETSY Shop Now Open!

Gruene Hall

Style Station

El Capitan

One of my summer goals was to open an ETSY shop and start piddling around with selling some small items.  Well, today I went back to work....so technically my summer is over, so I had to get this thing up and running!  I listed a few of my Texas Holga images. Finally some of my old beer bottles came in handy! Stop by the shop and check 'em out!  Any feedback on things to improve would be greatly appreciated!  Here is the shop link 

12 August 2010

"Style Station 1" - Mixed Media - Style Station - Waco, Texas

Style Station #1 - Mixed Media  - 12 x 12 - on gallery wrapped canvas.

This was a really fun piece to do.  Expect more of this in the coming weeks.....I'm feeling a little inspired.

11 August 2010

Style Station Collage Painting - Work In Progress

Here is an image of my new work in progress.  I collaged some old paper onto a 12 x 12 canvas and then I did an acrylic transfer of an altered version of one of my Holga photos.  I am still going to add a little color and try and distress it a little more.  I really like where this is headed.  I've prepped another canvas for the same process, so I'll show that one later.

04 August 2010

Dolan Geiman at Fossil

Dolan, me, and the kids

Dolan teaching Max how to screen print.

One of the window displays....pretty sweet!

Silk screened postcards

I took the kids down to North Park Center a few days ago to see Dolan Geiman do a silk screen exhibition and check out his handmade window displays at the Fossil store.  Dolan has a new partnership with Fossil and their Long Live Vintage campaign.  He was asked to design the store front windows in Dallas and New York City.  The kids loved checking out the silk screening process and we all thought the window displays were cool too.  They even got some original silk screened postcards.  They were super excited.  It's always fun to meet someone that inspires you.  You can like him here.


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