17 November 2011

New Art Purchase! - Brice McCasland

Bird on Canvas - oil  12 x 15

I couldn't resist.  I saw a post on Facebook from the Brice McCasland fan page letting me know that they had some new artwork in their Etsy shop.  I clicked of course to check it out and I found this beauty!  I have been wanting to get one of Brice's original pieces for a while now....and I kick myself at some of the ones I've passed up on a few years ago.  Brice is a local artist with great style.  I can't wait to get this up in the house.

10 November 2011

From Drawing To T-shirt - Texas Towns - "I've Been Everywhere"

Do you remember this post from July?  I had mentioned that I thought it would make a cool t-shirt.  Well, today that thought became a reality!  I'm digging it!  You can pick one up herewww.tumbleweedtexstyles.com

06 November 2011

New Artwork Available In The Etsy Shop! .........Finally Part 2

I listed 14 brand new original acrylic photo transfers on in my Etsy shop.  Some of these have not been posted on the blog yet.....lots of new things!

03 November 2011

Frisco Art In The Atrium Opening Reception

Last night we had the opening reception for the Frisco Art In the Atrium show held at the George A. Purefoy building in Frisco, Texas.  It was a great evening overall.  This year's show is one of the best yet.  The local talent is outstanding. There are over 70 pieces in this year's show covering five floors in the atrium of the city hall building.  I was pretty happy with the location of my artwork....it is on the first floor right next to public library entrance.  It is probably the best spot in the house for traffic. I'm hoping my artwork will become a big hit with all the stay at home moms that drag their kids to the library every day! Ha!  The show will run through August.  I even got a shout out from the school district website.


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