27 January 2009

Tuesday Tunes - Kelly Willis "What I Deserve"

I discovered Kelly Willis back in college probably around 1993. I immediately was hooked on her sound. I bought her back albums and began to go see her live whenever she came in town. I've probably seen her live about 10 times. I could go on and on with stories about run ins with her at shows and stupid things I've said to her.....but I won't. My wife can attest to that. She did ask me for the time once at Gruene Hall amidst hundreds of fans......we had a moment. Seriously though, Kelly Willis has the best voice in music in my opinion....raspy, twangy, & soulful. I don't listen to many female singers, but Kelly Willis is my all time favorite and probably always will be. She is married to another one of my favorite singer/songwriters - Bruce Robison. This album, What I Deserve is a good one! You won't hear Kelly on the radio....she doesn't fit the crappy Nashville mold....thank goodness. Check her out, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Hey Jeb! I like your blog- nice mix of your surroundings, influences and art. Thanks for the compliments- I'll see you around. -Tom

  2. Thank you Jeb for the great comments!! ...I hope you saw the finished piece after the step by!! If you didn't you can view it here http://theresarankinfineart.blogspot.com/2008/12/vaulted-sky-and-movies.html

  3. Ps I like you taste in music!!


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