31 January 2010

New Painting - "Black Cross on Turquoise #1"

Black Cross on Turquoise #1

Georgia O'Keefe's Black Cross

Here is a new painting that I did yesterday. My wife wanted something inspired by the Georgia O'Keefe Black Cross. She gave me the colors and basic design that she wanted. I did the rest. This is not the usual style or type of painting that I do, but it was nice to finish a large piece in one morning. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. The painting is 24"x 36" on gallery wrapped canvas.

29 January 2010

New Purchase for February - "By The Bay" - Erin Spencer

I just purchased a great painting today titled, By The Bay from the talented Erin Spencer. I've had my eye on her paintings for the last few months and I jumped at the chance to get one of her originals. It is an 8 x 8 oil painting on a cradled board. I love the sky! Make sure that you check out her shop and see if there is something you like too.

25 January 2010

New Frame For My Prize

Back in November, I won a drawing for an original Veronica Funk painting. The painting I chose was a 6 x 8 oil painting titled, Going Home. A few weeks ago I purchased a handmade frame from Signed and Numbered to fit the painting. I really like how it turned out. Signed and Numbered really have some nice frames for pretty cheap. The best part about them is that all their frames are handmade. Check them out. They even do custom orders as well.

22 January 2010

New Little Sketch - Prismacolor Desert Scene

I was able to find about 15 minutes in my day to do a little 5 x 7 Prismacolor drawing on some recycled card stock. This seems to be what has come to mind lately.

20 January 2010

My Photos Have Arrived!

New Display


"Big Sky"

I mentioned a few weeks ago that something I wanted to do for the New Year was to start collecting original artwork and photography from many of my favorite artists. Above are some of the new prints that I purchased from the very talented photographer Bomobob on Etsy. They were taken with a Holga and they look great. This shop has some really colorful photos and they run some great package deals. I've got them framed up in some nice little IKEA Ribba frames.

18 January 2010

Ryan Bingham Wins a Golden Globe!

T-Bone Burnett, Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Bingham

Congrats to Ryan Bingham for picking up a Golden Globe award for best song in a movie. The song, "Weary Kind" was co-written with T. Bone Burnett and is featured in the new movie Crazy Heart. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it is on my list. The funniest thing about the award is that RB was at the bar when they announced the winner. Classic Bingham! The soundtrack comes out tomorrow. Looks like a good one.

16 January 2010

Desert Scene Watercolor

Here is a 5 x 7 watercolor painting I did a few weeks ago. Man, I'm getting the urge to head west soon!

12 January 2010

My New Books

Every Christmas I get a few new books as gifts. Today, I introduce to you my Christmas 2009 collection. First we have, Shine On : 100 Years of Shiner Beer. This is a very interesting book about the history of Texas' own Shiner Beer. Which just happens to be my favorite brand. Secondly, I offer up a hilarious guide to the Caucasian race called Stuff White People Like. This book has some funny and true topics that will keep you entertained. The book is based on this website. Lastly, is my newest coffee table book titled, Skylines of the World: Yesterday and Today. This book has beautiful images of some of the best skylines in the world both from the past and current day. Anyway, I just thought I'd give you some insight into what I'm browsing at the moment that I received as gifts this year.

11 January 2010

Weekend Craigslist Finds!

I have found a new friend, and his name is Craig. He runs a website we've all heard of called Craigslist. I've never really spent that much time on Craigslist until the last few weeks. I think I like it! Above are our two purchases for the week. The top picture is of our new entry way dresser. We have been looking for one for few months now on all of our antiquing adventures and were unable to find that right piece. So we turned to Craigslist and we found this early 1900's piece for $50. It also came with a great oval mirror that we removed. With a change of hardware and some TLC, this is exactly what we were looking for. The next image is some of the new art supplies I bought on Craigslist yesterday. I picked up 34 tubes of Golden and Windsor Newton Acrylic Paints and 12 unused nice paint brushes for $50. They are all brand new and probably retail for well over $400. What a deal! I plan on putting these to use in the upcoming week. I'm ready to paint again.

08 January 2010

Starting The Collection - Stardust Motel Sign - Marfa, Texas

My Stardust Motel Pic

My new purchase!

This has been a crazy week....sorry for the lack of posts. First of all I had to go back to work after 16 days off. That takes a little adjustment. Secondly, it's freezing here in Dallas! We had no school yesterday because of some slick spots on the roads....I was out at 9 AM and the roads were perfect. Wind chills are in the single digits.....burrrr. Waste of a day that we'll have to make up when it's actually nice in April. On a more pleasant subject, I am staying true to my New Year's resolution and I began buying some original art/photos. Like I said a few days ago, I'm starting small and will hopefully build up. The second image shown above is the first purchase. It comes from a talented photographer from Austin - Rachel Goldstar. Make sure and check out her Etsy shop for some cool pics! Its a great photo of the good ole Stardust Motel sign on the outskirts of Marfa. The first photo is one that I took of the same sign a few years back. Rachel's is way better! I'll keep you posted on some of the other things that are about to fill my gallery wall.

03 January 2010

Happy New Year - Quick Rundown and Resolutions

Well, my two week break has come to an end. I didn't do any artwork but I had a lot of good ideas run through my brain! Above is a picture from our seats at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. Yes, we were on the top row. Actually not too bad...I could stand when I wanted and it didn't impede anyones view. Tech won, so that was good!
New Years Resolutions are as follows:
*Continue to run 3-4 times a week.
*Create more art than last year.
*Buy original artwork and start my own little gallery in the house.
I would like to start with some small pieces and build up. I would like to buy a new piece every couple of months. I have some Christmas money saved up and may purchase a number of pieces early in the game. So be on the look out....I may be buying something from you! I've got my eye on a lot of stuff from some of the multiple blogs that I follow! I might also be up for a trade if you see anything that you like on my site. Just let me know. Happy New Year!


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