21 January 2009

Wednesday Works - Adobe Watercolor

This is a watercolor painting that I did a while back at a watercolor class I took at the local community college. It was a one week course that met 3 hours every night for a week. It was a really cool class. I picked up some new techniques from our very talented instructor. This image is from an adobe church in New Mexico. Watercolor painting is something I really enjoy. I haven't done too many watercolor paintings lately as I've been focusing on my large scale acrylic paintings. I've got 4 commission pieces lined up in the near future. So, I'll keep y'all up to speed on those as I begin the brainstorming process.


  1. Nice piece. I was in New Mexico a few months back and this really captures the feel.

  2. i commission you to do a huge landing mural

  3. Thom, it's gonna cost you! Pay in gold please.


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