06 January 2009

Tuesday Tunes - Weezer Blue

I know, I know.......but it's so good. I can listen to this CD at anytime. I'm really not a huge fan of much of their newer stuff.....I mean it's okay. I especially like to listen to this CD during the spring and summer or when I'm thinking of the spring or summer. Cubs baseball on WGN @ 1:20 comes to mind. It was a great staple in the last years of college and still one of my all time favorites. Favorite songs: "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" , "Say It Ain't So" & " In The Garage". I like em' all actually.


  1. great album, their follow up pinkerton is also good

  2. Yes, their debut album was a good one - and Pinkerton was its equal...

  3. I didn't get into Weezer until I heard this Album in 2000....changed my life!

  4. Pinkerton is better in my opinion simply because it is darker and i like dark


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