26 February 2009

Thursday Tacos

How can such a simple food like tacos, make me so happy inside? You take two corn tortillas fill them with the meat of your choice, add some diced white onions, sprinkle with cilantro, and finish it off with some salsa verde (green sauce). Man those are good! It's the authentic Mexican style taqueria taco. Meat choices usually include, but are not limited to; barbacoa (beef), carnitas (pork), and pollo (chicken). You can put whatever you want to in them. Why all the talk about tacos today you may ask? Well, I am hungry at the moment for one, and secondly, I got a new painting idea from a Taco Bell commercial last night. I am in no way promoting or recommending Taco Bell. I'm a San Antonio boy, and everyone knows that San Antonio boys eat at Taco Cabana if you need a quick Tex-Mex fix. You can't compare the two....they are not in the same league. Anyway, I'll be doing some research in the upcoming days for this idea I got from the TB commercial. I'll share it later when I get it finalized. In the meantime, go out and support your local taqueria and get some "real deal" tacos....or make some yourself like I do from time to time.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2/26/2009

    Looks very good, especially the presentation. Looks like Jebby Flay has been at work. Dad


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