19 February 2009

Sun and Sand Motel Scratchboard

Since I live in Texas, I've gotten used to driving long distances to get places. I love road trips. Ask me again if I love them in about 4 weeks and I may change my answer...that is if I survive the family road trip to the Southeastern part of U.S. for spring break.....but anyway, back to my point. One of my favorite places to road trip to is Santa Fe, New Mexico. The art galleries and the food are world renowned. If you've never been, book your trip now. I've been going there since my college days and my wife has family there so we get out there when we can. On the way to Santa Fe via highway 84 from Lubbock, Texas sits a small little road stop called Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It is on the old Route 66 or current IH 40. Santa Rosa still has a few remnants of the old Route 66 hanging around. One in particular that I like is the Sun and Sand Motel sign. I've done numerous drawings and prints of this sign that I may share at a later time. The image above is of a scratch art drawing that I did of the Sun and Sand Motel sign. It measures 5" x 8". It was all scratched off with an exacto knife to expose the underlying white paper. So on your next road trip to Santa Fe from Texas....stop in Santa Rosa for a Slurpee and some photos before you make your last leg to Santa Fe....you're bound to find something to inspire some future artwork.

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