24 February 2009

Alamo Siege Tuesday - "If My Heart Was A Car"

On February 24th, 1836, Santa Anna and his troops began to bombard the Alamo. They had arrived in San Antonio the day before and given the Texians a chance to surrender. Col. William B. Travis sent his message back in the form of a cannon blast. It would mark the beginning of a 13 day siege by the Mexican army on the broken down mission. On this same day, Jim Bowie becomes very ill and is forced to stay in bed. In remembrance of the siege and the brave Texians and volunteers who stood their ground, I thought I'd list my favorite song verse with the word "Alamo" in it. It comes from my favorite band- Old 97's. The song is "If My Heart Was A Car" The verse goes a little something like this:

I remember the Alamo, I don't recall who won
They had swords, they had horses, I hear we had mighty guns
Like the ones from Navarone last night on Channel 21
It's a long way back to El Paso.
It was early Monday morning in the Central Standard Zone
You were quiet like the TV, hung up like the telephone
You were sleeping next to me, I might as well have been alone
It's a long way back to El Paso.

This might be my favorite start to a song ever!

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