08 February 2009

Sunday Funday - Stuffed Jalapenos

So I finally gave my new pepper cooker a try last night. I've been making these stuffed peppers for a few years now and using tin foil on the grill.. I received an official cooker last summer as a birthday gift.......so now I will be making stuffed peppers in style. It is the shape of Texas with the Texas Tech double T in the middle....pretty cool if you ask me. Here is my favorite recipe for these delicious peppers:

Cut off the tops of the peppers
Core out the seeds and membrane
Stuff with cream cheese and wrap in bacon
Stick a toothpick through it to hold it all together
Cook on grill until bacon is done or in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.

These are money! They lose a little heat because the seeds are out and they cook a while.
Give them a try.


  1. Wow ... . these look great!
    Thanks for stopping by my little piece of bloglandia ... . Judith

  2. yum, I have seen those jalapeno cookers at the Texas State Fair. Always tempted to buy one!


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