20 February 2009

Friday Firsts - 1982 AMC Spirit

Here is an image of my first car. It was a 1982 AMC Spirit with mag wheels. I got it my senior year in 1990. We nicknamed it "The Hammer" after the high school mascot the Yellow Hammers from Rotan, Texas. Don't ask...my dad came up with it....I didn't go to school there. My actual car was not this glamorous looking, but it was in fact the bright school bus yellow color. It had brown fake leather interior and the driver's side door didn't open....so at least if I was on a date I remembered to open the passenger side door first....what a gentleman. It was a a 5 speed and it had a little get up and go...which was fun. If you looked at it from a distance.....a far distance, you might actually mistake it for a Porsche, or at least that is what I told people. I took it to college and then we parted ways after my sophomore year....when it became unreliable.


  1. i remember great times in the hammer listening to ll cool j

  2. Too funny. The Hammer. Great story - love the shot with the molten ore fountain behind it.

  3. only one mexican has visted your blog? must be the NAFTA agreement.

  4. Junky Trinkets is huge in Malaysia though!

  5. Anonymous2/23/2009

    You forgot to mention the oil leak.:)


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