03 February 2009

Tuesday Tunes - Phil Pritchett and the Full Band

Who's one of the hardest working musicians on the Texas music scene? Phil Pritchett! This guy rocks the house. I first saw him at Bill's Records and Tapes in Dallas, Texas years ago. He put on a nice little set in the record store. I think I was there to see Jason Boland, so I didn't pay much attention to Phil at the time. The next time I saw him was at the Crawfish Festival in Spring , Texas about 5 years ago. It was a rainy afternoon and most of the crowds had left or headed for cover. Phil came on stage and played to about 20 people....I knew I remembered his name but didn't remember much from the Bill's show. Wow! I was floored. He played with so much energy and excitement. His songs are catchy and he has a way with wording and lyrics that few can match. I was hooked. I went out a bought a few albums. My favorite is Cool and Unusual Punishment. It is a live recording and it captures the true feel of a Phil Pritchett show. Since then, I have seen him numerous times around the state. I strongly suggest you get out and check Phil out. He plays all over Texas, and his motto is anytime....anywhere....and he'll be there. His MySpace is here.


  1. phil pritchett is the anti-tso

  2. Yeah because the TSO's motto is anyone, anytime only if it is at home and you are Division 1-AA

  3. we'll play indiana st. and umass anywhere


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