27 February 2009

Favorites on Friday - David Imlay

David Imlay is an artist that I discovered while I was visiting California two years ago. We were walking down the street in Los Gatos, California and a painting in the window of an antique store caught my eye. I went inside to investigate. It was the painting that is posted above. I looked it over carefully and then called on a store worker to tell me more about this artist. She did not know much about the piece but she did give me the artist's name. I jotted the info down on the back of a business card and went on my way. I looked up his website once I got home and was blown away! David Imlay does beautiful oil paintings of many different subjects. I prefer his suburban and urban scenes. On some of his paintings he lays down a base of cut newspaper strips for the background and then paints on top of it. I have done the same thing with old book pages on some of my paintings....it just makes it more interesting in my eyes. David Imlay is definitely an artist that I admire....sometimes I think that if I could paint like anyone...it would be him.


  1. David Imlay12/11/2010

    My friend tipped me off on this posting the other day. I think they were bored at work and decided to google some names to see what comes up. Anyway, I know it's a bit late but I wanted to say thank you very much for the kind words. (-:

  2. Better late than never. Glad you stopped by!


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