15 February 2009

Lakewood Landing - An Upscale Dive

One of the best bars, if not THE best bar in Dallas is the Lakewood Landing or "The Landing". It's got all the requirements for a good bar. The Landing is dark, has real cold beer, awesome jukebox, wood paneling, great burgers, and mirrored glass on the exterior windows. My brother introduced me to this place 10 years ago or so. He lives 2 blocks from it now......less than a quarter mile walk. I can't think of a better place to listen to some Old 97's on the jukebox, drink a Shiner, and hang out. Above is a picture I took a few weeks ago while I was down there. I have also included a colored pencil drawing I did for my brother's bachelor pad.


  1. the only problem with the landing is that it doesn't have enough beer on tap, other than that, perfect

  2. cool drawing of my neighborhood bar!

  3. allison i checked out your photos, great stuff and some of my favorite bands too nice


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