14 February 2009

Valentines Day - The Brady Bunch Files

My wife and I usually keep it simple on Valentines Day. We usually exchange books, CDs, or gift cards. This year was no exception. My favorite show growing up was the Brady Bunch. My brother and I used to watch it like it was going out of style.....I'm sure it was already out of style....but who cares? We've seen every episode multiple times. We can usually tell what episode it is within the first 20 seconds or so. My 6 year old son discovered the Brady Bunch over the Christmas holidays. He loves it! We now set our DVR to record every episode on TV. Greatness! Finally a show I can stomach to watch with my children. As a joke, but kind of not, my wife bought me the book The Brady Bunch Files for Valentines Day. It has 1500 Brady Bunch trivia questions of various levels and a synopsis of all 115 episodes. I didn't realize there were that many.....but I'm guessing I've seen every last one. So, enjoy your roses, chocolate, and stuffed animals......I'll be brushing up on my Brady Bunch trivia. Let me know if you want to have a Brady Bunch trivia throwdown..........I'll get Alice to make some snacks.


  1. greatest episode is when greg makes the ufo with a flashlight or the trip to Hawaii or perhaps when mr. brady switches the plans with jan's poster at the amusement park

  2. All classics for sure!


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