14 December 2009

White Rock Marathon Relay

These items were some mementos I picked up for the day.

Sunday I ran on a relay team in the White Rock Marathon. The relay team was made up of five members. The first leg Jamie, ran 6.2 miles.....but he went ahead and ran the second leg with Erin who ran 4 miles. The baton was then passed on to Courtney who ran a 5 mile leg on the north side of the lake. I ran the 4th leg, which was another 5 mile leg on the lake and into Lakewood. We were anchored by Phil who took us home with a combined 26.2 mile time of 4:16. We finished 99th out of 263 teams in the Mixed Open Division. It was really a fun time. We all loaded up in the car and drove each other to the next exchange zone and picked up the previous runner. I think I am hooked. I would love to do this again next year. Fives miles was the longest distance that I had ever run and it felt pretty good. Afterwards we all celebrated at the Old Monk in Dallas with some import drafts. The picture above shows you what I had in my pocket when I got home.


  1. Good job, man! Yeah...I'm starting the think that the relay might be the way to go. Let me know if you do any 5Ks up in our neck of the woods next year. I think I'll stick with those for awhile.

  2. Congrats on a nice run, Jeb. I'll have to find my own gang of 5 to run with next year. If only for the imports after.


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