01 December 2009

Signs of Change in West Texas

80 MPH - Sweet! - Notice the bug guts on the windshield, they don't stand a chance at these warp speeds!

Windmills as far as the eye can see south of Sweetwater, Texas.
On our drive from Lubbock to New Braunfels we encountered some new Texas sights. The first was thousands of windmills. The landscape was engulfed by them. It kind of ruins the landscape if you ask me...but heck I guess it's a free source of power. I wish I had some land to lease out up there. The next sight was an 80 MPH speed limit sign.....who knew that I-10 between Junction and Comfort was 80 MPH? Can I get reimbursed for my speeding ticket I got back in college on this road?


  1. We have 'em, closer together and in several places right now, one-hundred and fifty at a pop. Depending upon which way you look at them (eye-ball point of view), they may or may not ruin the scenery. I don't mind seeing them against the flatland, but trying to see the Rocky Mountain Front through them can seem a bit irritating.

  2. Yeah, these windmills are mostly all on the tops of flat mesas and very flat farmland.

  3. Hey Jeb - Your Thanksgiving triangle looks like it was quite a trip!!!! Very fun! BTW - I want to invite you to come out to the Southwest Gallery this weekend for the Outdoor Painters Society's plein air exhibit. (sorry to self promote on your blog... don't have your email info.) Hope to see you!


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