22 December 2009

Kim Cadmus Owens - Reading Between The Lines

Alamo - 64 x 96

Mission - 30 x 24

Lounge - 48 x 48

Cheap - 48 x 48

Pawn - 30 x 24

My seven year old son and I just got back from the Holly Johnson Gallery in the Design District in Dallas. We went to see Reading Between the Lines - the paintings of Kim Cadmus Owens that were on their last week of display. I was blown away! I had seen the work online but to see them in person was so much better and bigger!! Some of these paintings were huge! I was quite impressed and inspired. So much so I'm thinking about doing some more sign paintings soon. Above are some of the pictures I took while at the gallery. Enjoy!
You are probably wondering how I got my seven year old to come with me? I bribed him with Snuffer's after we were finished. Cheese fries win every time!


  1. Wow! Really nice work. Thanks for posting this and introducing Kim's work Jeb.
    A nice coincidence as I was inspired by an old Walker Evans photograph this week of a shoeshine sign, turning it into a poster for Willie Nelson!!

  2. Thanks for the post and kind comments. Happy New Year.


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