07 December 2009

Weekend Estate Sale Goodies

I hit some estate sales Saturday morning with a friend of mine Phil otherwise known as PT Money. We managed to visit about 9 sales before noon with the help of a nice mapped out plan. Going on Saturdays is tough because usually all the good stuff is gone on Thursday or Friday....but some of us have to work on those days. We still managed to find a few mini treasures along the way though. Here is the run down for me. I picked up an old STOP sign for $5. I'm drawn to cheap metal signs. I got a 1985 Oxford Navy Swatch watch for $6. I've always liked Swatches. Then I picked up some old Dallas street maps for $1.50. Finally, I picked up a shoebox of reference material from a local watercolor artist for $2. While digging through the box at home I discovered some original sketches on tracing paper....pretty cool! I believe PT Money is gonna blog about his experiences and finds in the upcoming days so make sure you keep an eye out for that. It was a good trip and it was great to get back out on the estate sale circuit.
Saturday night I made shrimp and grits for the first time and it was incredible. I'll post the details next time.....Oh mama!

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