09 December 2009

Estate Sale Finds - Throwback Edition - PT Money Write Up

1971 - New Orleans Saints Riddell Helmet Plaque

As you heard, PT Money and I went out and did a little junkin' on Saturday morning. PT has written up a great post on the adventure. Check it out! You gotta love the big round pink bed! Where do you buy sheets for that thing anyway? We were laughing pretty hard at that one! In honor of PT writing up such a great article, I thought I'd share an estate sale find from Phil's home state team that I picked up a few years ago. It's a New Orleans Saints Riddell Helmet plaque. I picked it up for $37.50 and sold it on Ebay for $90.00. I maybe should have held on to that thing because the Saints are on fire right now and it is probably worth more. I also picked up a New York Jets one the same day for the same price but on Ebay it went for $140.00.


  1. Hell, I thought it was a painting!

  2. No, it's actually half of a real helmet framed up!

  3. Very cool. '71. Manning's first season. What did the label on the bottom say?

  4. I believe it said New Orleans Saints or Ain'ts I cant remember. Who Dat?


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