15 December 2009

Holga Prints - Gruene Hall #1 and others

Gruene Hall on a quiet foggy morning.

Will Rogers statue at Texas Tech - overexposed....dang it!

A little blurry....but not too bad. It's still a little interesting

I had 3 rolls of film developed from my Holga camera last week. One roll turned out great, and the other two.........not so much. The roll that turned out great was a roll that I shot in early November. It was a B&W roll of 120. You may have noticed my new picture for my profile. It's my first self portrait with my Holga off of this roll. I shot some pictures of Gruene Hall and some pictures of my kids at the Dallas Arboretum on this roll. I'm really happy how they turned out! The other two rolls........well I'm not so thrilled about them. Apparently the bulb switch on the bottom of the camera was accidentally switched to the wrong setting and my shutter was open too long and caused most of my images to be washed out and blurred. I discovered the culprit on a website specializing in all things Holga. I'm really bummed because I thought I had captured some great images of the San Antonio missions, Texas Tech University, and some old neon signs. I'm using this as a learning experience and I will make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. Above are a few of my images. I've posted one from each roll. I'll post more of the good ones in the next few days.


  1. the Gruene Hall is gorgeous. do you scan your negatives, if so what scanner do you use? or do you have them developed along with a disc? they look great.

  2. estephe, Thanks so much! I send my film off to http://www.dwaynesphoto.com/ and get it processed only and have them send me a CD as well. http://futurowoman.blogspot.com/ is the one that suggested to me that I use Dwayne's. if you look at her stuff you will see why I trusted her. Thanks again!


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