28 December 2009

An Evening With The Old 97's - Sons of Hermann Hall - Dallas, Texas - December 27th, 2009

Last night a friend and I went out to Sons of Hermann Hall to watch the Old 97's play their first show of a four night special event called - An Evening With The Old 97's. As many of you know, the Old 97's are my favorite band and I was thrilled to get a chance to see them again. They put on a great show as usual! Murry and Rhett both did their solo shows before they all joined forces. It was awesome! They are trying very hard not to repeat many songs if any over the four night experience. This makes it so very enticing to get back out there again over the next few nights. Maybe, just maybe, I can sneak away.

Set list for December 27th (In Order) :

Bird in a Cage
Streets of Where I'm From
My Two Feet
Crash on the Barrelhead
You Belong To My Heart
The New Kid
Friends Forever
Old Familiar Steam
Busted Afternoon
I Will Remain
Iron Road
King of the World
Miss Molly
The Easy Way
Champaign, Illinois - Ranchero Brothers
Harold's Super Service - Ranchero Brothers
Bel Air
Curtain Calls


  1. Anonymous12/28/2009

    It was a fine show. Hammond's name is spelled Murry, not Murray.

  2. Yes it was. Thanks for checking the blog and for the correction.

  3. Anonymous12/29/2009

    Thanks for posting the set list. Saw them last night--fantastic, as expected. Headed back tonight.

  4. I bet that show was fantastic! I really like those guys too, though not as much as Robert Earl Keen. But I love the Texas music scene regardless, thanks for blogging about it!


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