06 March 2009

Remember The Alamo Y'all!

Henry Arthur McArdle, Dawn at the Alamo, 1905, oil on canvas, 84.25 x 144.75 inches
This painting hangs in the Texas State Capitol Building and is huge!

The famous Bowie knife!

"Come on boys, the Mexicans are upon us and we'll give em hell", said Col. William B. Travis 173 years ago today, March 6th, 1836 around 5 AM. It was all over before the sun rose on that crisp south Texas morning. The initial Mexican assault was pushed back by the heroic defenders, but then as the Mexican columns joined forces at the north wall for the final push the massacre began. The mass of humanity was overwhelming.....it would be over soon....and it was. By 6:30 AM the sun rose on the battlefield and the extent of the devastation was revealed. My favorite defender? Jim Bowie. He was laid up on a cot in the barracks. I like to think he maybe got a shot or two off as the enemy rushed the door....maybe used that Bowie knife on some folks. Who knows? Most of y'all know the story, if not, do some research or watch the movie "The Alamo". Many historians claim it is the most accurate account on the big screen yet. The John Wayne version is entertaining but has some major flaws....I've seen it 25+ times....being a Texas history teacher for 6 years back in the day, it was a staple of our curriculum. We'd watch it to pick out the mistakes. Go down to San Antonio and see the Alamo....it's a right of passage for all Texans.

Then go do some San Antonio stuff like:

1) eat Eggs Mexicana for breakfast at Taco Cabana (they are on every corner)
2) tour the Mission Trail (beautiful Spanish mission churches south of town)
3) go eat lunch at Alamo Cafe (best tortillas in the world!)
4) drink a Lone Star Beer or a Pearl (both originally brewed in SA up until a few years ago)
5) catch some live music ( I suggest John T. Floore's Country Store in Helotes)
6) dinner at Bill Miller's BBQ

Remember the Alamo! and God Bless Texas!


  1. I still don't know how they were able to get Davy Crockett to look like John Wayne. The movie set in Bracketville is interesting if you've got a couple of hours to kill.

    The Friendly Husker

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. As for San Antonio, I always enjoyed stopping by the old Buckhorn Hall of Horns. Cured many a melancholy morning after.

    I wish I could name all the hole-in-the-wall taverns and eateries I was introduced to. I never caught their names, but they never let me down.


  4. Buckhorn was a great place...I know they shut down the original...I remember going there as a kid!

  5. Anonymous3/08/2009

    The best tortillas in the world are not at Alamo Cafe, but at a little place in Denver City, TX.

  6. Maybe Salazar can take to this place in DC. I'll take your word for it.


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