29 March 2009

My 1st Cyber-Award! - A Passion For Painting

What surprise I received yesterday when I logged in and noticed that I was awarded my first cyber-award----A Passion for Painting---- Can't wait to see my brother's comment on this. The very talented painter Tom Pohlman was nice enough to pass this along to me. Tom's blog is full of wonderful southwestern themed oil paintings. He's the real deal. Please check out his site.....it's well worth your time. Thanks again Tom. I'm glad I have a least one person reading my ramblings. Apparently there are some rules that go along with this prestigious honor....they include: 1) Mentioning the sender. 2) Listing 7 things I currently love 3) Listing some other great artists. Easy enough....I was struggling for ideas today anyway......and it's too nice outside to sit at this desk too long.

Here is my list of things I love (in no particular order):
1 My family
2 BBQ chicken with Bob Gibson's white sauce.
3 Watching the Cubs play on WGN.....7 days until opening day!
4 Doodling, Painting, Drawing
5 Hiking in the mountains
6 Playing catch with my son
7 Taking road trips west

List of great artists that inspire me: Craig Gould, Jennifer Cavan, David Imlay, and Susan Bennerstrom and check out my lists on the right.....all very talented and entertaining blogs.


  1. Thanks, Jeb. And congratulations on your cyber award!

  2. in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes, if i had to give you an award it would be the blog that deletes comments that it doesn't like

  3. I knew I could count on you Tom Young. Thanks bro, it means a lot.

  4. Thom, Should I delete my own post? Would that rectify things?

  5. just delete this whole blog..just kidding


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