07 March 2009

Alamo Drawing

Here's a quick drawing I did yesterday. I used sharpie on a 4 x 6 note card. I'm running a 5K this morning. That is why I am up so early. So wish me luck. I've been training since January.......kind of a New Years Resolution thing. As I write this I can hear the wind howling outside.....hopefully that dies down. If I post tomorrow you will know that I have survived.

P.S. On the running tip. I go get fitted for some new running shoes last week by some professionals at a specialty running store in Dallas and find the perfect pair of shoes. The sales lady lets me know that they are on sale for $110, originally $125.....what a deal right?? NOT. I go on my way, get home, look em up on EBAY. Find a slightly used pair....that look brand new in the pictures.....and I proceed to win them yesterday for............................$19.00! Did I mention I love EBAY? They'll be here next week.

1 comment:

  1. good luck with the run, and happy 12th to you and carrie and your beautiful prodigy offspring


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