21 March 2009

Tales from the Deep South - Slaw Burgers, BBQ, etc.


These signs are everywhere!!!!

Well, we got back in town today around 12:45. I had just enough time to get out of the car unlock the door and basically leave again....my six year old had a soccer game at 1. We made it just in time and it's a good thing we showed up....with him they had just enough to play. I have had lots of hours on the road and plenty of time to think. I've seen some funny stuff in the last week. Here are few things I pondered:

1) In Tennessee I am skinny.

2) Sun Drop is the drink of choice in southern Tennessee.....didn't try one but it is neon green.

3) I did have some of the best ribs I've had in a while in Birmingham, AL at Dreamland BBQ. Served with a spork....a very underrated utensil.

4) The official mascot of Alabama and Tennessee should be the flashing arrow signs, if I saw one I saw 500.....it is the marketing tool that is the most effective....I guess.

5) Arkansas has a place that brags about their 100ft. salad bars....that's a long sneeze guard.

6) At a truck stop, a guy was bragging to us about how he had won 3 watches and 4 bracelets from one of the games where the rail pushes quarters off the edge of the angled tray...my son was mesmerized at his skillz.

7) The Natchez Trace Parkway is one of the prettiest drives around....50 mph speed limit though.

8) Slaw burgers are all the rage in Lincoln County, Tennessee. Honey mustard dressing with some chopped pickles and shredded cabbage on a burger...not bad..I had 2 yesterday.


  1. uncle mike would put those ribs to shame i'm afraid

  2. Agree, Mike can hang with anyone in that department.

  3. the brisket was the best ever, he has the huge barrel smoker, very unique

  4. Truman J. Carroll3/11/2010

    Gotta say, you missed out on SunDrop (ah...sweet elixir). Two slaw cheeseburgers and a SunDrop is might near a perfect combination. Glad to have you in the neighborhood.

    Fayetteville, Tenn.


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