27 March 2009

Favorites de Friday - DeRidder

We discovered DeRidder about 10 years ago. It is the most amazing store that I have ever been in. It is huge! It has the most eclectic collection of imported goods and antiques that I have ever seen. I mean where else you pick up some antique snow skis in Texas? And be able to choose from like 100 pair. They have gigantic statues, a warehouse of armoires, stacks old license plates, antique glass, cow skulls, print blocks, and everything in between and I'm not even kidding. This place will blow you away! We got our one of a kind armoire and coffee table from DeRidder years ago......we love them. DeRidder is in Forney, Texas off highway 80......look for fighter jet out front....no I'm not kidding......you have got to see this place to believe it. Probably the best store in the Southwest in my opinion.


  1. i want that big t-rex outside

  2. I KNOW that would be a dangerous place for me to go to!!! How do you make it out of there without blowing the family budget (for the next six months)?!! Is this what spawned your blogs' namesake?

    A little heads-up...I wanted to poke ya'- with an "Award". I LOVE your work AND your blog! -T

    PS: I am going to have to drive 40 miles for BBQ now, seeing all of those spare ribs :>)

  3. Cool! Thanks Tom. Yes, this store pretty much is the epitome of junky trinkets! and yes, you could go broke in there because they like their stuff.


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