09 March 2009

Past Spring Breaks - McDonald Observatory

Since my spring break starts next weekend, I thought I'd post a few interesting spots that I have visited during spring break over the past few years. Spring break 2006 took the family to the Big Bend region of Texas. One of the highlights was the McDonald Observatory in the beautiful Davis Mountains. We went up to the observatory on a Saturday evening to take in a star party. During a star party they open up the domes and fix the telescopes on planets or other sights in the sky. There are also amateur star gazers that set up their personal telescopes for the viewing public. The night that we went was a little chilly but we were still able to enjoy the views through the multiple telescope options. It is a beautiful drive up to the top of the mountain and well worth the trip because of the scenic vistas at the top. Star parties fill up fast, especially during the busy seasons. There is a reason they decided to place the observatory out here in the Davis Mountains.....it is dark. Watch out for deer on your drive home.

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