15 July 2009

Summer Gumbo

It was 104 yesterday here in Dallas...and no, it's not a dry heat. I decided to make a huge pot of gumbo. I have had a recipe that was burning a hole in my pocket ever since I got it in June. My cousin's girlfriend...well fiancée now is from Lafayette, Louisiana and she made up some gumbo while we were in Colorado a month ago. It was delicious! Some of the best I've ever had. I of course hounded her for the recipe. She was nice enough to share it and write it out for me. I decided last night was as good as any to give it a whirl. It was very easy to make and turned out great. I may play around with some of the ingredients to put my own spin on it. I think I'll have some for lunch today too. E-mail me if you would like to try it for yourself....I'll send you a copy of the recipe.

Tomorrow Seth Apter of the very cool blog The Altered Page is doing a feature called Buried Treasure. He will be showcasing numerous art blogs and posts from the past. Be sure and check it out. I'm going to put an older art post or two on my site for tomorrow for the project.

25:28 - The hill was tough today. I'm hoping that the 5K course in McKinney is flat....I don't think I would know what to do if I didn't have to run up a large hill to start my run every morning.

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  1. I've been closing the blinds in the studio to keep things cool--today I even used a fan this morning to blow the cold air in this morning and succeeded in dropping the studio temperature about 5 degrees. Still, hot--for Angel Fire-- a balmy 80.3 degrees--yet the studio never got above 70. Much more than that and my oil pastels get too buttery! They still work but my hands get much more messy and sometime the ops get gloopy! Guess I should be happy I'm not trying to work in the Dallas area--course, there, I'd probably have a/c....


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